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Honours Board
C League Teams

Honours Board: C League Teams

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Season 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
2021–2 Sutt Club Timers Mutton PHBC King's G    
2020–1 No competition – COVID–19  
2019–20 Park Tavs Sutt Club Mutton Timers Brewers BC Club PHBC Harr 'B' King's G
2018–19 Robin CRT Sutt Club Timers Harr 'B' Cock PHBC Brewers  
2017–18 Park Tavs Mutton Sutt Club Timers Cock PHBC PoW CRT  
2016–17 Horntails Harr 'B' Timers Sutt Club Cock Brewers Mutton CRT  
2015–16 PHBC Park Tavs Timers Harr 'B' Cock Sutt Club Brewers CRT  
2014–15 CHB Shanks Cock Timers Lamb PHBC Brewers Harr 'B' CRT
2013–14 Nags Bate Tavs Cock Shanks Harr 'B' PHBC Timers PoW CRT
2012–13 Lamb Wharf PHBC PoW Harr 'B' Cock Shanks Timers CRT
2011–12 Know–Alls Robin PHBC Cock Puss Shanks CRT Harr 'B' PoW
2010–11 Rams Plou Tavs Know–Alls PHBC Puss Harr 'B' CRT PoW SCH
2009–10 Lamb Cock Baths Rams Crown Harr 'B' Ryl Oak CRT SCH
2008–9 Albion Crown Lamb SCH Harr 'B' CRT Rams Byron L Byron B
2007–8 Knot Artists Albion Park Tav SCH PoW Harr 'B' Rams CRT
2006–7 Sut Club Baths Park PoW Harr 'B' Artists SCH CRT WGR
2005–6 CHB Dunstan Beehive Park Harr 'B' Puss SCH CRT PoW
2004–5 Albion Cock Ship Harr 'B' Park SCH PoW CRT 'B' Albert
2003–4 Wondrrs Beehive Brockle Park Cock Harr 'B' CRT 'B' PoW SCH
2002–3 Sut Club G&D 'A' Rams New Cas Ch Hse Wondrrs Beehive Nags
2001–2 Plough Franklin New Cas G&D 'A' Ris Sun 'X' Ch Hse Beehive Rly Vw CRT 'B'
2000–1 Dunstan Wt Swan Ris Sun 'X' Beehive Franklin G&D 'A' Rly Vw Ch Hse CRT 'B'
1999–00 Macc CC Ch Hse CRT 'B' Ris Sun 'X' Rly Vw 'A' Beehive G&D 'A' New Cas Ris Sun 'A'
1998–9 Ivy Hse Wt Swan Macc CC CRT 'B' Ris Sun 'X' New Cas Rly Vw 'A' Franklin Cock
1997–8 WG Wolv PoW Harr 'A' Puss Ivy Hse Ris Sun 'X' Ch Hse 'B' Macc CC  
1996–7 G&D Ox–fd 'A' Ris Sun 'X' Macc CC PoW Ch Hse 'B' New Cas Franklin  
1995–6 Dunstan WGT 'B' Ch Hse 'A' Barnfield Franklin WGT 'A' Ivy House Parkside Nags 'B'
1994–5 Ox–fd 'A' Ch Hse 'B' Cock Dunstan Barnfield Bears 'A' Nags 'B' Ris Sun 'X' Park Tav
1993–4 G&D (R) 'A' Macc CC Ch Hse 'A' Parkside Ch Hse 'B' Nags 'B' Park Tav Frnkln 'B' New Cas
1992–3 Woodman Harr 'A' Ris Sun 'B' Macc CC Park Tav Ch Hse 'A' Frnkln 'B' Brewers CRT 'B'
1991–2 Sema George I Weavers Ch Hse 'B' Ris Sun 'B' Woodman PoW Ch Hse 'A' Solos
1990–1 But Ash YPU Frank 'A' Sema F'pot Solos Ch Hse 'A' G & D (S) Byron
1989–90 Lamb 'B' Macc CC Ch Hse 'B' Albert 'B' Ch Hse 'A' Wanders F'pot Ris Sun 'A' Bears 'A'
1988–9 Wt Swn 'B' Ches'gte GQT Ch Hse 'B' F'pot Ch Hse 'A' Ris Sun 'A' Sut Club Ld Byron
1987–8 Royl Oak Wt Sw 'A' Ches'gt Ch Hse 'B' F'pot Ris Sun Sut Club Bate Hall Bears 'A'
1986–7 Bears 'B' Byron Ch Hse 'A' Bate Hall F'pot Sut Club Ris Sun Albert 'B' Brewers
1985–6 Ship Dunstn 'B' Albion Ch Hse Albert 'B' Sut Club Bate Hall Ris Sun F'pot

Please note that the tables for 1988–9 and 1991–2 are after Week 16 (i.e. with two rounds of games still to go). These are the latest tables we have for these two seasons.

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