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Cars & Vans 4U Question Setters' Trophy: 2019–20

Week 2 – 8 October 2019 

  Week   Setters Difficulty Balance Ent'ment Total Last Yr
1 2 GK Dolphin Dragons 3.78 8.74 5.65 18.17 17.65
2 1 Spec Rushton Diamonds 6.12 5.20 6.67 17.99
3 1 GK Rushton Diamonds 7.85 0.36 6.28 14.49 18.63
4 2 Spec Sutton Mutton 4.62 5.18 4.11 13.91 8.61

For the full spreadsheet, please click here.

Neither of this week's sets could better last week's on Entertainment, and neither scored well for Difficulty either. But the Dolphin Dragons' General Knowledge questions got an excellent score for Balance, which puts them at the top of the table so far.

The Sutton Mutton's Specialist set scored an average mark for Balance, the spreadsheet detecting a slight bias in favour of the teams that went second (105% to 98%). Overall this week's questions were of exactly average difficulty, and there was a very slight bias in favour of the teams that went "second first" (101% to 99%). On an average team score of 136, this is unlikely to have affected the results of more than one or two games despite there being several close games this week.

These two teams had sharply contrasting results last season: the Dragons' General Knowledge questions finished fourth overall, while the Mutton finished fourth from bottom. Similarly to this season, for the Dragons it was the Balance that did best for them, while the Mutton's score for Difficulty is a lot better this time round.

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