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2017–8: Plate

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Round 1

Results: 2017–18 Season – Plate

Round 1 / Quarter–Finals: 23 January 2018

Question Setters: Harrington Academicals, Park Taverners.

Waters Green Rams 124 66 Sutton Mutton
Prince of Wales 76 77 Robin Hood
Sutton Club 70 89 Pack Horse Bowling Club
Plough Horntails 97 78 Harrington 'B'

The question setters (Harrington Academicals and Park Taverners) were asked to provide three question masters each. The Weaver and the Waters Green Lemmings were asked to provide one question master each. This meant (hopefully) that eight question masters were available for the eight Cup and Plate quarter–finals.

Semi–Finals: 20 February 2018

Question setters: Chester Road Tavern, Church House Bollington.

Plough Horntails 81 68 Pack Horse Bowling Club
Waters Green Rams 101 77 Robin Hood

The question setters (Chester Road Tavern and Church House Bollington) were asked to provide two question masters each for the four Cup and Plate semi–finals.

Final: 25 September 2018

The questions were collated by the Pack Horse Bowling Club and the Robin Hood.

Plough Horntails 84 119 Waters Green Rams

The first two rounds were very close, and after 40 questions the teams were tied on 34 points each. After that the Rams pulled away steadily, as the following table illustrates:

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6
Round scores Plough Horntails 15 19 14 10 12 14
Waters Green Rams 17 17 21 22 23 19
Totals going forward Plough Horntails 15 34 48 58 70 84
Waters Green Rams 17 34 55 77 100 119

In a high–scoring game, just twelve questions were not answered by either team. Eight of them went to the Horntails, and four to the Rams.

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