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League Structure
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Secretary's Notes 2018–19

League Structure

As every League now has eight teams, there will normally be three games per week in each league with one team asking questions and the remaining team having a 'bye'.

League teams will normally only need to provide three Question Masters, the exception to this being for the two weeks of the season in each League where all eight teams play each other and thus there is no team left to act as Question Master.

I've arranged the fixtures so that this happens on different weeks in each League and by way of example, the two occurrences in the A League are on 20 November 2018 and 5 March 2018.

In the B League, this happens on 4 December 2018 and 12 March 2019, whereas in the C League, the two dates are 23 October 2018 and 5 February 2019.

On the above occasions, the 'Home' team will be obliged to provide a Question Master, thus ensuring that each League team only has to do that once in the season.

For this year we will need ten sets of questions for league matches on most weeks: nine for the games and one for the archive. On the six dates as above though, we will require eleven sets and your team will be notified in good time if that is the case.

Waters Green Tavern remains the centre for collecting questions and returning score sheets. All sets of questions must be at Waters Green Tavern on the Monday before the game.


As usual, it has been decided from the outset who does the Specialist and who does the General Knowledge questions, so that no team has the excuse that they didn't know what questions they were doing and thus didn't get around to doing them until the last minute. You will see that all teams are nominated to do one set or the other.

Again following recent years, all A League teams will set both Specialist and General Knowledge questions, whilst the B and C League teams are paired together to do one set or the other.

Obviously we are missing a team in each League from the ideal nine team standard and this does impact upon certain teams who end up doing more than their fair share of question setting.

The Waters Green Lemmings and the Harrington 'B' are paired against the "vacant space" in the A League, so the Lemmings and the Harrington 'B' have to set questions twice as there is no A League team to do so.

I've managed to at least give them plenty of notice as the first time they have to set questions is 20 November 2018 (Week 6) and the second occasion is 5 March 2019 (the penultimate week of the season). On 20 November 2018, the Lemmings are setting the Specialists and the Harrington 'B' the GK, whilst these roles are reversed on 5 March 2019.

The other teams affected are the Plough Horntails in the B League and the Pack Horse Bowling Club in the C League, who are paired with the "vacant spaces" in the C and B Leagues respectively. This means they have to set both Specialist and GK questions (as A League teams do) when it is their turn to do the setting.

The Plough Horntails are the first affecetd by this as they are setting questions on 23 October 2018 (Week 3).

Money ...

Happily, no change in fees this year so subscriptions remain as they have been since 2013 at £50 per team for this season.

Our latest accounts were circulated at the AGM and we remain happily in profit this year, so no increase in fees were needed.

This season's schedule and Christmas break

We start with the first games next week and this allows us to get almost half of the season in before Christmas.

Christmas Day and New Year's Day both fall on a Tuesday this year, and in view of the various demands of Christmas the last games before the break will be on Tuesday 11 December. We will have three weeks off this time around before resuming on Tuesday 8 January.

The final games of the season will be played on Tuesday 26 March. Easter and school holidays fall in mid–April next year so I've (very provisionally) pencilled in the Finals Night for Tuesday 9 April 2019 for those of you looking that far ahead!

Other Matters

The new Quiz League website has been a great success – all thanks to Haydn Thompson. PDF files of the News & Views can easily be downloaded and printed from the website, which has saved a lot of paper!

And Finally ...

I would like to thank the rest of the Committee – John, Graham and Marshall – for all their help throughout the year.

All that remains is a reminder that if you have any problems at all, ring me first as always. This being the 21st century, the best number to get me on is the mobile: 07434 899513.

Otherwise my email remains the same as always at mwatsonpc@yahoo.co.uk (or markw@maccql.com).

Best wishes to you all for a good season.

Mark Watson


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