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Honours Board
D League Teams

Honours Board: D League Teams

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Season 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
2002–3 Cock Robin Hd Harr 'B' Wharf CRT 'B' Brockle PoW Bruce SCH
2001–2 Sut Club Nags Hd Wharf Ris Sun 'A' Cock PoW Harr 'B' Brockle Bruce
2000–1 Plough New Cas Sut Club Nags 'B' Ris Sun 'A' Cock Harr 'B' Wharf Brockle
1999–00 Franklin Cock Sut Club Nags 'B' Rly Vw 'B' Wharf Harr 'B' Plough Brockle
1998–9 Beehive Ris Sun 'A' Sut Club Dolphin Rly Vw 'B' Wharf 3 Crowns Harr 'B' Bruce
1997–8 Rly Vw 'A' New Cas Cock George Franklin CRT 'B'      
1996–7 Ivy Hse Puss P'side SC Cock George Woodmn Beehive Ris Sun 'A'  
1995–6 Ox 'B' Ris Sun 'X' New Cas Drhm Ox Beehive G&D 'A' Bruce Brewers  
1994–5 Bears 'B' WGT Franklin Brewers Drhm Ox New Cas G & D (S) Ris Sun 'A' Sutt Club
1993–4 Boarhnd Ox-fford Cock Inn Brs Hd 'B' Ris Sun 'A' Brewers Lamb G&D (R) CRT 'B'
1992–3 Nags 'B' Parkside Bears Hd Sut Club Ris Sun 'A' G&D (R) Wht Swan Solos  
1991–2 Harr 'A' CRT 'B' Franklin 'B' Park Tav Brewers Bears Hd Ris Sun 'A' G&D (S) Ld Byron
1990–1 Ris Sun 'B' PoW Woodmn Harr 'A' Frank 'B' R Sun 'A' Bears Hd George II B'hnd 'B'
1989–90 Sema But Ash G&D (S) Byron Solo PoW Frank 'B' Brewers Sutt Club
1988–9 Macc CC Albert 'B' G&D (S) Brewers Bears 'A' Bate Hall Nags 'B'    
1987–8 Wt Sw 'B' GQT G & D Brewers Albert 'B' Nags 'B' Beehive    
1986–7 Royl Oak Wt Swan Ch Hse 'B' Crown G & D Bhive 'A' Nags 'B' Cottn Tree Bhive 'B'

Please note that the tables for 1988–9 and 1991–2 are after Week 16 (i.e. with two rounds of games still to go). These are the latest tables we have for these two seasons.

In 1997–8, the D League was scheduled to have seven teams after the Parkside Social Club resigned. The Wood Ox then resigned after playing just one friendly game, leaving only six. Each team played ten games, plus some friendlies. Friendlies counted towards individual totals, but only the best eight scores were counted at the end of the season.

In 1998–9 the number of teams dropped to 36. The E League was disbanded and each of the four remaining Leagues returned to its full complement of nine teams.

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