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E League Teams

Honours Board: E League Teams

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Season 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
1997–8 Beehive Dolphin Ris Sun 'A' Sut Club Rly Vw 'B' Bruce Harr 'B' Wharf
1996–7 CRT 'B' Rly Vw 'A' Sut Club Nags 'B' Bruce Brewers Harr 'B' Rly Vw 'B'
1995–6 CRT 'B' Solos Rly View R Sun 'A' Sut Club Fox & G Harr 'B'
1994–5 Rly Vw 'A' Ox–fd 'B' Wagon Solos CRT 'B' Harr 'B' Wt Swan
1993–4 Durhm Ox Brs Hd 'B' G&D (S) Waters Gn George II Harr 'B' Wagon 'B' Solos Wt Swan
1992–3 Boarhnd Oxford Cock Inn Durhm Ox George II G&D (S) Harr 'B' Waters Gn Jolly Sailr
1991–2 Nags 'B' Sut Club Parkside G&D (R) Wht Swan Harr 'B' George II B'hnd 'A' B'hnd 'B'
1990–1 Park Tav CRT 'B' Brewers Sutt Club Harr 'B' Swan B'hnd 'A' G & D (R) Britannia
1989–90 Ris Sun 'B' Woodman Harrngtn B'hnd 'B' Bate Hall CRT 'B' G&D (R) B'hnd 'A'
1988–9 Sema But Ash Franklin 'B' Mag Neph Boar Hnd Woodman Solos Ris Sun 'B' G&D (R)
1987–8 Bulls Hd Macc CC But Ash Merdn 'B' Bruce Woodman Merdn 'A'

Please note that the tables for 1988–9 and 1991–2 are after Week 16 (i.e. with two rounds of games still to go). These are the latest tables we have for these two seasons.

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