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Fixtures and Results
2021–2: Cup

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Round 1: 14 December 2021
Round 2: 25 January 2022
Quarter–Finals: 22 Feb 2022
Semi–Finals: 22 March 2022
Final: 26 April 2022

Fixtures and Results: 2021–2 Season – Cup

Round 1: 14 December 2021

With only 20 teams in the League this year, there were only eight teams involved in Round 1. The Committee decided that all six C League teams should take part, as this would give each of them at least two knockout games (one in the Cup, followed by at least one in either the Cup or the Plate). This would help to compensate for the fact that C League teams have only ten League games this season, as compared to twelve in the A and B Leagues.

In order to bring the number of teams up to eight, two teams were chosen at random from the B League. The fickle finger of fate pointed to the Park Taverners and the Chester Road Tavern.

Question Setters: Nags Head 'B', Dolphin.

Park Timers 88 67 Pack Horse Bowling Club
Cock Inn 54 85 Sutton Mutton
King's Gambit 64 87 Sutton Club
Chester Road Tavern 61 93 Park Taverners

Round 2: 25 January 2022

Question setters: Shamrock Bar.

Question Masters: the Pack Horse Bowling Club, King's Gambit and Chester Road Tavern were asked to nominate three question masters each.

Poachers 109 99 Waters Green Weavers
Queens 102 102 Dolphin
Queens won on the tie–break
Nags Head 88 76 Sutton Mutton
Dolphin Dragons 97 91 Queen Bs
Sutton Club 95 88 Harrington Diamonds
Park Taverners 91 84 Park Timers
Harrington Academicals 83 109 Nags Head 'B'
Plough Horntails 94 77 Waters Green Lemmings

Quarter–Finals: 22 February 2022

Park Taverners 58 95 Poachers
Queens 100 88 Nags Head 'B'
Nags Head 73 96 Dolphin Dragons
Plough Horntails 90 61 Sutton Club

Question setters: Waters Green Weavers, Sutton Mutton. These two teams were asked to provide two question masters each.

Semi–Finals: 22 March 2022

Plough Horntails 79 100 Poachers
Dolphin Dragons 81 101 Queens

Question setters: Nags Head, Park Taverners. These two teams were asked to provide three question masters between them, for the two Cup semi–finals and one in the Plate.

Final: 26 April 2022

Poachers 102 114 Queens

The questions were compiled by Mark Watson from those contributed by all non–participating teams. Mark also asked the questions, with Mark Shaw as scorer.

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