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Historical Rules Menu

Historical Rules Menu

The current League rules are available from the Information menu at the top of every page in the site. Following some judicious tinkering in the first few years they have changed comparatively little, and to prove this we have some of the very earliest rules available for your perusal.

The first set of rules that has come down to us relates to a season that started on 12 January 1982. This is the earliest record we have of the existence of Macclesfield Quiz League, although the Cup trophy shows that a knockout competition was played in 1980.

(Apart from the 1982 rules, the earliest documentation we have is the fixtures for the 1982–3 season – presumably the one that followed the 1982 season. Unfortunately we don't have the rules for that season. The earliest results we have are from the 1985–6 season; and, as for most seasons up to 1990–91, we only have those for Week 18 – the final fixtures of the season.)

The following sets of rules came to light in 2019, and we have reproduced them on the website for their historical interest.

1982 1984–5 1985–6 1987–8 1989–90

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