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This section of the website summarises teams' League and Cup records. We believe it covers every team that has played in Macclesfield Quiz League since 1985.

Needless to say: if you spot any omissions, or other errors – or if you can help to fill in any background information – please let us know.

The League records are currently up to date to the end of the 2018–19 season, and the Cup and Plate records to the end of 2019–20 (except for the teams that will compete in the finals, which have yet to be played).

Current Teams

The following table lists the teams that took part in the 2018–19 season, but in their latest League line–ups – i.e. as they lined up in 2019–20 – and with their 2019–20 team names.

A League B League C League
British Flag Chester Road Tavern Brewers Arms
Church House Bollington Dolphin Dragons Broken Cross Club
Dolphin Harrington Academicals Harrington 'B'
Nags Head 'B' Nags Head Pack Horse Bowling Club
Queens Plough Horntails Park Taverners
Royal Oak Robin Hood Park Timers
Rushton Diamonds Waters Green Lemmings Sutton Club
Weaver Waters Green Rams Sutton Mutton

Former Teams

In this section, teams are listed according to the name by which I think they're best remembered. This is not always a straightforward matter; if you have any other ideas or suggestions, please let me know!

Albion / Bull Bate Hall / George II Bears Head 'A'
Bears Head 'B' Beehive (1986) Beehive 'B' (1986)
Boarhound 'B' Brewers (1986) Britannia
Brocklehurst Arms Bruce (1987) Bruce Arms (2001)
Bulls Head Byron Bards Byron Laureates
CAP Castle Chester Road Tavern 'A'
Church House 'A' (1985–2003) Church House 'B' (1987–98) Franklin 'A'
Franklin 'B' Gardeners QT George & Dragon (R) 'A'
George & Dragon (S) Jolly Sailor Kings Head
Lamb 'B' Lord Byron Macclesfield Cricket Club
Meridian 'A' Millstone Millstone 'B'
Nags Head 'A' Nags Head 'B' (1986) Ox–fford 'A'
Parkside Social Club Plough Pioneers Prince Albert 'A' (1987–91)
Prince Albert 'B' (1988–92) Puss Artists Puss in Boots (1996)
Railway View 'A' Railway View 'B' Rising Sun 'A' (1987–2003)
Rugby Club Sema Softies
Solos St. Dunstan St. Dunstan 'B'
Three Crowns (1998) Wagon & Horses 'B' Wanderers
Waters Green Tavern (1992–6) White Swan 'B' Woodman

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