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Fixtures and Results
2021–2: Plate

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Semi–Finals: 22 March 2022
Final: 1 November 2022

Fixtures and Results: 2021–2 Season – Plate

Round 1 / Semi–Finals: 22 March 2022

Question setters: Nags Head, Park Taverners. These two teams were asked to provide three question masters between them, for the two semi–finals in the Cup and one in the Plate.

King's Gambit 69 73 Pack Horse Bowling Club
Chester Road Tavern (Bye) Cock Inn (resigned)

Chester Road Tavern were drawn to play against the Cock Inn, but the latter resigned from the League (including the knockout competitions) shortly after the draw was made.

Final: 1 November 2022

Pack Horse Bowling Club 63 53 Chester Road Tavern

The questions were compiled by Mark Watson from those contributed by all non–participating teams. Thanks to Alan Hodgson for asking the questions, and Peter McBride for scoring.

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