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Fixtures and Results
2018–19: Cup

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Round 1: 30 October 2018
Round 2: 27 November 2018
Quarter–Finals: 22 Jan 2019
Semi–Finals: 19 Feb 2019
Final: date TBA

Fixtures and Results: 2018–19 Season - Cup

Round 1: 30 October 2018

Question setters: Nags Head, British Flag.

Ox–fford 115 68 Harrington 'B'
Chester Road Tavern 47 119 Ox–fford 'C'
Brewers Arms 69 92 Waters Green Rams
Harrington Academicals 73 92 Church House Bollington
Park Taverners 61 105 Royal Oak
Waters Green Lemmings 69 72 Sutton Club
Rushton Diamonds 81 69 Park Timers
Dolphin 112 69 Robin Hood

The following teams received byes:

British Flag Cock Inn Dolphin Dragons Nags Head
Pack Horse Bowling Club Plough Horntails Sutton Mutton Weaver

Round 2: 27 November 2018

The second round will be contested by the eight winning teams from Round 1 plus the eight teams that received byes in Round 1. The eight losing teams from Round 1 will be entered into the Plate competition.

Question Setters: Waters Green Lemmings, Brewers Arms. These two teams were asked to provide two question masters each; the Harrington Academicals, Park Timers and Chester Road Tavern were asked to provide one question master each.

Ox–fford 93 114 Ox–fford 'C'
Pack Horse Bowling Club 83 77 Cock Inn
Sutton Mutton 90 95 Rushton Diamonds
Dolphin 109 99 Nags Head
Church House Bollington 101 99 Royal Oak
British Flag 93 96 Dolphin Dragons
Plough Horntails 90 86 Sutton Club
Waters Green Rams 94 107 Weaver

Quarter–Finals: 22 January 2019

Question Setters: Ox–fford, Waters Green Rams. These two teams were asked to provide three question masters each to cover the Cup and the Plate; the Cock Inn and the Sutton Mutton were asked to provide one question master each.

Ox–fford 'C' 115 102 Rushton Diamonds
Dolphin Dragons 113 107 Church House Bollington
Plough Horntails 98 121 Dolphin
Weaver 122 81 Pack Horse Bowling Club

Semi–Finals: 19 February 2019

Question Setters: Park Timers, Rushton Diamonds. These two teams were asked to provide two question masters each, to cover the Cup and the Plate.

Dolphin 108 109 Weaver
Ox–fford 'C' 107 99 Dolphin Dragons

Final: 9 April 2019

The questions were compiled by the Dolphin and the Dolphin Dragons, from those supplied by all non–participating teams.

Weaver 82 109 Ox–fford 'C'

The Cup Final was a very entertaining contest, with the Ox–fford 'C' managing to keep the Weaver at bay (despite the latter's home advantage – albeit that's not a major thing in quizzing terms!) to win the final 109 – 82.

The Ox–fford 'C' got off to a flying start, winning the first round of twenty questions by 21 points to 11, which was the widest gap of any round on the night. They won the second round 16–14 in what turned out to be the most difficult round of questions on offer, then took the third round 19–12 to establish a strong 56–37 lead at half–time. The Weaver made a comeback and won round four 18–15, but the Ox–fford 'C' won the last two rounds to take the second half by 54 points to 45.

Having won 5 out of the 6 rounds, the Ox–fford 'C' were deserving winners on the night and took the Cup for the fourth time overall. Many thanks also to our Question Masters / scorers for the night, Alan Hodgson and Peter McBride – both from the Dolphin of course.

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