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Cars & Vans 4U Question Setters' Trophy: 2022–3

  Week   Setters Difficulty Balance Ent'ment Total Last Yr
1 1 GK Nags Head 'B' 10.00 9.45 7.85 27.30 21.64
2 2 GK Sutton Club 3.98 8.58 5.68 18.24 (-)
3 2 Spec Sutton Club 4.20 7.56 6.46 18.22 23.38
4 1 Spec Nags Head 'B' 10.00 0.00 8.16 18.16 19.80
5 3 Spec Queens 4.31 2.16 6.39 12.86 13.29
6 3 GK Queens 3.12 0.00 6.18 9.30 20.02

The latest Cars & Vans table makes painful reading for this week's setters. It was a low–scoring night, although not excessively so – with teams scoring on average 97% of their average scores. But there was a distinct bias to both sets of questions, in favour of the teams that went 'first first'. Overall, those teams scored 106% of their averages, while those that went second managed only 88%.

The Balance marks were consequently very low – the Specialists being saved by the fact that the bias was not quite as extreme as in Week 1. The Difficulty marks were slightly better, with the Specialist questions scoring only slightly less than average.

Despite all this however, the questions seem to have gone down reasonably well. The Entertainment marks were quite respectable, and both sets would have been in the top half of the table last season on this measure.

It's probably worth noting that several people have commented on the number of points that were won on conferred questions; and in at least two A League matches, very few questions went unanswered. This would seem to suggest that there were very few really hard questions, and while the overall standard may have been quite hard, there were a lot of questions that at least one person in each team could answer. This is a team game after all, and if someone in each team can answer a question then (IMHO) it can't really be said to be too hard.

The setters will take some comfort in that thought!

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