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News and Views
2002–3 Season

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Week 1: 29 October 2002
Week 2: 5 November 2002
Week 3: 12 November 2002
Week 4: 26 November 2002
Week 5: 3 December 2002
Week 6: 10 December 2002
Week 7: 7 January 2003
Week 8: 14 January 2003
Week 9: 28 January 2003
Week 10: 4 February 2003
Week 11: 11 February 2003
Week 12: 25 February 2003
Week 13: 4 March 2003
Week 14: 11 March 2003
Week 15: 25 March 2003
Week 16: 1 April 2003
Week 17: 15 April 2003
Week 18: 29 April 2003
Season's Honours

News and Views: 2002–3 Season

Please note that much of the content of this page – in particular the tabular information – has been added during the compilation of the website archive (in June 2018).

Fixtures and Results:

A League B League C League D League Cup Plate

Week 1: 29 October 2002

Thank you ... from me to all of you – this week went flawlessly and my phone hardly rang once. Another 17 weeks of this would be perfect!

Special thanks to the Wharf, and in particular to Steve Adshead, who assembled all the questions despite an impending dash to the Maternity Unit. Devotion above and beyond the call of duty!

Highest team scores: 162 (Ox–fford 'C'), 161 (Bridgewater), 158 (Crown), 156 (Ox–fford), 150 (CRT 'A')
Highest aggregate: 319 (Crown 158—161 Bridgewater)
Highest individual scores: 48 (Mark Watson, David Griffiths), 45 (Alan Hodgson, Graham Bailey)

Sema Group Trophy: Specialist (Wharf) 6.45 1st of 2
General Knowledge (Beehive) 6.36 2nd of 2

Week 2: 5 November 2002

The score sheets for the A League game British Flag v. Crown went astray. The match scores are shown in the results and the individual totals will be added later when they are confirmed.

Highest team scores: 143 (Ox–fford), 142 (Castle), 121 (Ox–fford 'C'), 116 (Puss in Boots)
Highest aggregate: 259 (Puss in Boots 116—143 Ox–fford)
Highest individual scores: 42 (Mark Watson), 36 (Jeff Corry), 33 (Steve Auty), 30 (C. Massey, D. Griffiths)
Personal bests: 11 (4, 2, 0, 5)

Note: 'equal personal bests' were not recorded this week.

Sema Group Trophy: Specialist (George & Dragon 'B') 3.65 3rd of 4
General Knowledge (Robin Hood) 1.65 4th of 4

Week 3: 12 November 2002

Highest team scores: 164 (Chester Road Tavern 'A'), 145 (Bridgewater), 135 (Ox–fford 'C')
Highest aggregate: 248 (Crown 120—128 Prince Albert)
Highest individual scores: 48 (John Quilliam), 42 (Alan Hodgson), 36 (H. Thompson, L. Horrocks, G. Bailey)
Personal bests: 20 (4, 5, 5, 6)

Sema Group Trophy: Specialist (Sutton Club) 5.48 3rd of 6
General Knowledge (St. Dunstan) 4.42 4th of 6

Week 4: 26 November 2002

Decent marks overall for this week's questions, and congratulations to the Bruce Arms for a much more popular set than last year!

One point of interest was that the people sat in Position 3, in the teams that went "second first", ended up with the lowest individual score in ten of the thirteen games, and had the lowest total scores of any position overall. It's not a scientific survey, but obviously that was the toughest seat of the night to be sat in.

And finally ... respect is due to the Sutton Church House, who won their first game this week after joining at the start of the season.

Highest team scores: 165 (Bridgewater), 143 (Ox–fford), 137 (George & Dragon 'B')
Highest aggregate: 299 (Bridgewater 165—134 Ox–fford 'C')
Highest individual scores: 48 (Alan Hodgson), 42 (Alice Walker, Haydn Thompson, John Quilliam, John Knight)
Personal bests: 40 (11, 5, 13, 11)

Sema Group Trophy: Specialist (Macclesfield Cricket Club) 5.05 5th of 8
General Knowledge (Bruce Arms) 5.39 4th of 8

Week 5: 3 December 2002

In a very high–scoring week with no fewer than 60 personal bests, congratulations are due in particular to the Bridgewater for the highest team score of the season so far, and to Peter McBride for the first individual score of over 50 this season.

Highest team scores: 173 (Bridgewater), 164 (Ox–fford 'C'), 159 (Crown), 155 (Waters Green Rams)
Highest aggregate: 317 (Bridgewater 173—144 Prince Albert)
Highest individual scores: 51 (Peter McBride), 45 (John Burgess, Steve Auty), 42 (J. Brown, H. Thompson)
Personal bests: 60 (11, 14, 17, 18)

Sema Group Trophy: Specialist (New Castle) 5.91 3rd of 10
General Knowledge (Travellers Rest) 5.79 4th of 10

Week 6: 10 December 2002

Highest team scores: 167 (Ox–fford), 156 (George & Dragon 'B'), 143 (Crown), 140 (British Flag, Franklin)
Highest aggregate: 310 (Ox–fford 167—143 Crown)
Highest individual scores: 45 (Mark Watson, Steve Carter), 42 (Gary Stubbs)
Personal bests: 42 (11, 12, 11, 8)

Sema Group Trophy: Specialist (Chester Road Tavern 'B') 5.53 5th of 12
General Knowledge (George & Dragon 'A') 5.11 8th of 12

Week 6 was followed by Round 2 of the Cup, which was the last set of games before Christmas. The Crown, Nags Head and Brocklehurst Arms each provided four question masters as requested, but all other teams were playing and four further question masters were needed. The Wharf, New Castle, Travellers Rest and Sutton Club were thanked for going that extra mile. Special thanks were extended to Rob Parkin of the Harrington Growlers, who agreed to ask questions at the St. Dunstan after his own game was cancelled.

Week 7: 7 January 2003

This week we had our first draw of the season, between Macclesfield Cricket Club and the Travellers Rest. There was also a very close result in the C League, where the Beehive beat the Waters Green Wonderers by 110 points to 109.

In the A League, the Bridgewater beat their own record for the highest score of the season so far – by just a single point.

Highest team scores: 174 (Bridgewater), 151 (Sutton Club), 149 (Castle), 143 (Ox–fford)
Highest aggregate: 317 (Bridgewater 174—143 Ox–fford)
Highest individual scores: 45 (Alan Hodgson), 39 (Mark Watson, Peter McBride, Robin Morrell, Steve Auty)
Personal bests: 22 (4, 2, 5, 11)

Sema Group Trophy: Specialist (Prince of Wales) 5.15 9th of 14
General Knowledge (Ox–fford 'C') 5.87 4th of 14

Week 8: 14 January 2003

Highest team scores: 156 (Ox–fford 'C'), 151 (Bridgewater), 146 (Ox–fford), 145 (Harrington Growlers)
Highest aggregate: 267 (George & Dragon 'B' 121—146 Ox–fford)
Highest individual scores: 45 (Graham Bailey), 42 (Alice Walker, Peter McBride, John Quilliam)
Personal bests: 17 (6, 4, 4, 3)

Sema Group Trophy: Specialist (Ivy House) 5.65 6th of 16
General Knowledge (Sutton Church House) 3.92 14th of 16

Week 9: 28 January 2003

This week's questions, and in particular the Specialist rounds, generated quite a few comments.

In terms of balance, the scores show that six teams who went "first first" won, and seven who went "second first". Not much wrong there, in fact fantastic compares to some weeks!

The main grumble was that there were too many "trivia" style questions, or questions that would have necessitated a guessed answer. There were some questions that no one in trhe whole League was able to anwser for three points, and some entire rounds where no threes at all were scored by the majority of teams.

I would also suggest that more than one clue is a good idea for "guess the year" questions, unless it's the year that England won the FIFA World Cup (or similar). You may feel that "guess the year" questions, rather like Peter Ridsdale, should take a well–earned rest from the glare of publicity for the time being.

As the guidance notes say: please make sure you put in a balance of questions and give the other team a chance to vet them. This would usually highlight most problems at an early stage.

Highest team scores: 171 (Bridgewater), 149 (Ox–fford), 133 (Ox–fford 'C', British Flag)
Highest aggregate: 282 (Ox–fford 149—133 Ox–fford 'C')
Highest individual scores: 45 (Alan Hodgson), 42 (Mark Watson, Peter McBride), 36 (H. Laurence, S. Auty)
Personal bests: 15 (4, 3, 2, 6)

Sema Group Trophy: Specialist (Brocklehurst Arms) 1.37 18th of 18
General Knowledge (Church House) 5.87 5th of 18

Week 10: 4 February 2003

Highest team scores: 168 (Bridgewater), 156 (Ox–fford 'C'), 148 (Chester Road Tavern 'A')
Highest aggregate: 293 (Bridgewater 168—125 Crown)
Highest individual scores: 45 (Alan Hodgson), 42 (Mark Watson, Alan Levitt)
Personal bests: 11 (1, 3, 2, 5)

Sema Group Trophy: Specialist (Castle) 5.67 7th of 20
General Knowledge (British Flag) 5.27 12th of 20

Week 11: 11 February 2003

This was generally a low-scoring week, when the questions seemed best suited to the teams in the C and D Leagues. There were 16 personal bests (not bad for this stage of the season), but 11 of them were in the D League. No one scored over 40; in fact no one even managed 39. Of six players who scored 36, only two were from the A League.

In the Sema Group Trophy, both sets of questions were most popular (or maybe that should be least unpopular) in the C League; the D League, on the other hand, gave the second lowest mark (in comparison with the other three Leagues) to the General Knowledge questions (set by the Chester Road Tavern 'A') and the lowest of all to the Specialists (Nags Head).

The 'Rounds of 16' in the Cup and Plate were played on 18 February. In the Cup, four teams from the A League made it through to the quarter–finals, along with three from the B League and one from the C. The quarter–final draw has kept the four A League teams together, ensuring that there will be at least one B League team in the semi–finals and one other from either the B or C League.

In the Plate, CAP (who no longer play in the League) must be favourites, having ended up in this competition as they were unable to field a team in Round 2 of the Cup. Joining them in the quarter–finals are one team from the A League, one from the B League, four from the C League and one from the D League. As a bonus for those of us who like to anticipate giant–killing acts in any knockout competition, the draw has pitted the D League team – the Robin Hood – against the mighty CAP.

Another intriguing aspect of the quarter–final draws is that they have given us a local derby in each competition: at the Ox–fford in the Cup and the Waters Green in the Plate.

Highest team scores: 156 (Ox–fford), 137 (Ox–fford 'C'), 131 (Chester Road Tav 'A'), 130 (WG Wonderers)
Highest aggregate: 272 (Ox–fford 156—116 Puss in Boots)
Highest individual scores: 36 (A. Walker, S. Carter, G. Leah, R. Davis, M. Asquith, S. Adshead)
Personal bests: 16 (2, 1, 2, 11)

Sema Group Trophy: Specialist (Nags Head) 1.74 20th of 22
General Knowledge (Chester Road Tavern 'A') 4.44 16th of 22

Week 12: 25 February 2003

This week's Specialist questions, set by the Ox–fford, went to the top of the Sema Group Trophy table. The Harrington B's General Knowledge questions also went down well and are in 4th place.

Highest team scores: 170 (Bridgewater), 157 (Prince Albert), 154 (Chester Road Tavern 'A')
Highest aggregate: 297 (Prince Albert 157—140 Crown)
Highest individual scores: 45 (Alan Levitt), 42 (Alan Hodgson), 39 (Chris Richardson, Peter McBride, Dave Higginbotham, Malcolm Asquith)
Personal bests: 26 (2, 10, 8, 6)

Sema Group Trophy: Specialist (Ox–fford) 6.85 1st of 24
General Knowledge (Harrington 'B') 6.00 4th of 24

Week 13: 4 March 2003

Highest team scores: 152 (Ox–fford 'C'), 138 (Ox–fford), 132 (Castle), 131 (Bridgewater)
Highest aggregate: 283 (Ox–fford 'C' 152—131 Bridgewater)
Highest individual scores: 42 (Alice Walker, Rick Davis), 36 (Peter McBride, Bob Langstaff)
Personal bests: 12 (3, 0, 4, 5)

Sema Group Trophy: Specialist (Crown) 5.06 17th of 26
General Knowledge (Waters Green Rams) 4.71 19th of 26

Week 14: 11 March 2003

Congratulations to the Sutton Club, who became the first team to secure promotion this season with a victory over the Nags Head. With three games left to play, the Club are unbeaten so far this season. They are also still in the Cup, after their victory over the Travellers Rest in the quarter–final. The semi–final draw has not been kind to them however, and they will take on the Ox–fford. In the other Cup semi–final the last remaining B League team – Macclesfield Cricket Club – has an equally tough task, having been drawn against the Bridgewater.

In the Plate, one semi–final will be between teams from the B and C Leagues (St. Dunstan and Waters Green Rams) while the other pitches the Crown (A League) against CAP (who no longer play in the League).

Additional Result

While the Cup and Plate quarter–finals were being played [on 18 March], the Prince of Wales and the Bruce Arms played a League game that they had postponed by mutual agreement from Week 8. The result was a win for the Bruce Arms by 124 points to 110. The match score and all individual scores were added to the season's totals.

Questions ...

A lot of score sheets in recent weeks have been endorsed with comments by way of – let's be kind for a moment – a critique of the week's questions. I can sympathise with some of the feelings on offer, whilst other suggestions are clearly illegal no matter how entertaining they may be in the short term.

This raises the serious question of what we should do about the question setting, and is something we will have to deal with before the start of next season. Should we revert to only certain teams setting questions? Should we buy them in from somewhere to remove any suggestion of sabotage? Is there any point at all in giving the questions a mark out of ten?

If you have any feelings on the subject – and some of you definitely do – let me know what you think we should do. If we have some proposals on the table we can decide at the next AGM, before the sesaon starts, how best to proceed.

Christopher Dean

I managed to contact some people last week and pass on the very sad news that one of Macclesfield Cricket Club's stalwarts, Christopher Dean, had died after being diagnosed with a cancer–related illness last summer. Chris was a very well known and rightly popular figure locally apart from his many years of participation in the quiz league, and we send our condolences to all his friends and family at this difficult time.

The Cricket Club decided to play their quarter–final game last week, having been understandably inclined to withdraw, as they felt Chris would have wanted them to go ahead. They were rewarded with a fine victory in his memory.

Highest team scores: 144 (Bridgewater, Ox–fford 'C'), 115 (Crown), 114 (Castle), 109 (H. Growlers)
Highest aggregate: 239 (Ox–fford 'C' 144—95 British Flag)
Highest individual scores: 36 (Alan Hodgson), 33 (Bob Gratton), 30 (6 players)
Personal bests: 3 (1, 0, 0, 2)

Sema Group Trophy: Specialist (Puss in Boots) 1.90 22nd of 28
General Knowledge (Cock Inn) 4.25 25th of 28

Week 15: 25 March 2003

Trophies, promotion and relegation issues that were decided this week:

Puss in Boots are relegated from the A League
Chester Road Tavern 'A' are promoted from the B League
Sutton Club (already promoted) are Champions of the C League

Highest team scores: 165 (Ox–fford), 159 (George & Dragon 'B'), 152 (Prince Albert), 144 (CRT 'A')
Highest aggregate: 288 (Crown 123—165 Ox–fford)
Highest individual scores: 45 (Mark Watson), 42 (Peter Hurst), 39 (G. Bailey, J. Hargreaves, G. Wallace)
Personal bests: 13 (1, 3, 4, 5)

Sema Group Trophy: Specialist (Bridgewater) 5.29 14th of 30
General Knowledge (Bridgewater) 5.28 15th of 30

Week 16: 1 April 2003

Congratulations to the Castle, who are promoted (along with Chester Road Tavern 'A') from the B League. This was the only promotion or relegation issue that was decided this week.

The League's last unbeaten record disappeared this week when the George & Dragon 'A' defeated the Sutton Club – by a single point (122—121).

Without wishing to take anything away from the George's victory, it has to be said that the Club were already confirmed as champions and their star player, Rick Davis, was missing for the first time this season.

The George now need just one point from their two remaining games to make sure of joining the Sutton Club in the B League next season.

Before this week's games, three teams were level on points at the top of the A League. One of them had no game this week, and the other two played each other. The result was a win for the Bridgewater over the Ox–fford – by a single point (158—157)!

With two games left to play it's the Bridgewater, with a two–point lead in the table, who are now very much the team to beat. They have a big advantage in match points over both the Ox–fford and the Ox–fford 'C' ... who play each other in Week 18!

Highest team scores: 158 (Bridgewater), 157 (Ox–fford), 163 (Crown), 150 (Church House
Highest aggregate: 315 (Ox–fford 157—158 Bridgewater)
Highest individual scores: 48 (Alan Hodgson), 42 (Neil Wall), 39 (David Griffiths, Paul Morrissey, Mark Watson)
Personal bests: 20 (3, 3, 8, 6)

Sema Group Trophy: Specialist (Harrington Growlers) 6.21 5th of 32
General Knowledge (Harrington Growlers) 6.28 4th of 32

Week 17: 15 April

This week the League saw only its second draw of the season – and like the first, it was in the B League: St. Dunstan 130—130 Chester Road Tavern 'A'. A single point didn't really do either team any favours; the CRT have played all their games, and the Castle can still pip them to the championship if they beat the Travellers Rest next week. Meanwhile the Dunstan need to beat the Franklin to ensure their safety from relegation.

The following issues were decided this week:

British Flag are relegated from the A League (along with the Puss in Boots)
Ivy House are relegated from the B League
George & Dragon 'A' are promoted to the B League (as runners–up to the Sutton Club)
Cock Inn are promoted from the D League, as champions

Highest team scores: 168 (Bridgewater), 153 (Ox–fford 'C'), 152 (Prince Albert), 146 (Castle)
Highest aggregate: 293 (Bridgewater 168—129 Puss in Boots)
Highest individual scores: 45 (Graham Bailey), 42 (Peter McBride, Alan Hodgson, Jeff Corry), 39 (M. Watson)
Personal bests: 8 (2, 2, 2, 2)

Sema Group Trophy: Specialist (Waters Green Wonderers) 5.04 24th of 34
General Knowledge (Waters Green Wonderers) 5.69 11th of 34

Week 18: 29 April

The following issues were decided this week:

Bridgewater are A League champions
Chester Road Tavern 'A' (already assured of promotion) are B League champions
St. Dunstan are relegated from the B League (along with the Ivy House)
Beehive are relegated from the C League (along with the Nags Head)
Robin Hood are promoted to the C League (as runners–up to the Cock Inn)

This was a very high–scoring week, with two players (Alan Hodgson and Mark Watson) equalling Peter McBride's highest score of the season. The Bridgewater's team score of 172 didn't quite beat their season's top score of 174, but the Ox–fford matched the 172 and the aggregate of 339 in their local derby against the Ox–fford 'C' was the highest of the season by some margin (the previous highest was 319 in Week 1).

The number of personal bests was the equal highest since Week 6 (along with Week 12). Seems that high scores have come along every six weeks this season!

Draws, on the other hand, seem to be a bit like buses ... you wait ten weeks for one (between weeks 4 and 14), and then almost straight away, two more come along (in weeks 17 and 18). All four have come in the B League; this time it was the turn of the Travellers Rest and the Castle (145—145). This was a great result for the Chester Road Tavern 'A', whom the Castle would have overtaken to be crowned as champions had they won. As it was, the CRT take the title by just eight match points.

In the A League, the Bridgewater secured the title by winning their game against the George & Dragon 'B'. The Bridgewater have led since Week 7 (when they played the game that they had in hand) and lost only one game all season. They registered the two highest team scores of the season, and had their score in the final week not been equalled by the Ox–fford they'd have had the seven best. Not only did they win the A League by two clear League points, but their match points total was 132 higher than that of their nearest rivals – an average of very nearly 9.5 points per game.

The Sutton Club were even more dominant in the C League, losing only one game and with an advantage over their nearest rivals of four League points and 175 match points (an average of exactly 12.5 points per game). In the D League the Cock Inn were unbeaten until Week 9, but they lost three of their last nine games. Even so, they won the League by a margin of six League points and with an advantage over their nearest rivals of 137 match points (average just over 8.5 points per game).

This week's figures:

Highest team scores: 172 (Ox–fford, Bridgewater); 167 (Ox–fford 'C'), 156 (British Flag)
Highest aggregate: 339 (Ox–fford 'C' 167—172 Ox–fford)
Highest individual scores: 51 (Mark Watson, Alan Hodgson), 42 (Alice Walker, Haydn Thompson, Liz Horrocks, Rick Marsh, Steve Auty)
Personal bests: 26 (10, 5, 5, 6)

Sema Group Trophy: Specialist (Prince Albert) 5.99 8th of 36
General Knowledge (Franklin) 6.48 2nd of 36

Season's Honours

A League B League C League D League
Champions Bridgewater Chester Rd. Tav 'A' Sutton Club Cock Inn
Runners–up Ox–fford Castle Geo. & Dragon 'A' Robin Hood
Individual champion Alan Hodgson John Quilliam Steve Auty Peter Hurst

Highest team score: 174 (Bridgewater, Week 7)
Highest aggregate: 339 (Ox–fford 'C' 167—172 Ox–fford, Week 18)
Highest individual score: 51 (Peter McBride Week 5, Alan Hodgson Week 18, Mark Watson Week 18)

Sema Group Trophy winners Ox–fford (Specialist questions, Week 12)

Congratulations to all of the above.

Cup Final (to be played on 13 May) Ox–fford Bridgewater
Plate Final (date TBA) Waters Green Rams CAP

Good luck to all four of these teams!

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