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News and Views
1992–3 Season

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Week 1: 20 October 1992
Week 2: 27 October 1992
Week 3: 3 November 1992
Week 4: 17 November 1992
Week 5: 24 November 1992
Week 6: 1 December 1992
Week 7: 15 December 1992
Week 8: 5 January 1993
Week 9: 19 January 1993
Week 10: 26 January 1993
Week 11: 2 February 1993
Week 12: 16 February 1993
Week 13: 23 February 1993
Week 14: 9 March 1993
Week 15: 16 March 1993
Week 16: 30 March 1993
Week 17: 6 April 1993
Week 18: 20 April 1993

News and Views: 1992–3 Season

Fixtures and Results:

A League B League C League D League E League Cup Plate

Week 1: 20 October 1992

It was disappointing that the first set of questions produced for this season did not conform to the expected standard in that there were no Sport or Geography rounds. One could go on at length about this ...

In spite of this there were some good close games, with Nags overcoming Prince Albert, née Lamb 'A', and Weavers trouncing Sema.

You will see that there are revised fixture lists for A and B League teams. This is entirely my fault; sheer incompetence. Many apologies for the disturbance.

Week 3: 3 November 1992

This week we had our first draw, and four other games were decided by four points or fewer (two of them by just one point). The questions were well liked.

Top Individual Scorers

Alan Hodgson (Bridgewater) 45
Nick Dennis (Millstone) 42
Alasdair Reid (Sema), Chris Richardson (Nags Head 'A') 39
Paul Prior (Sema), Jeff Gallagher (Rising Sun 'B') 36
Mike Fanfarillo (Woodman), Sue Johnson (Nags Head 'A'), Alan Levitt (Nags Head 'A') 33

Week 6: 1 December 1992

The Lord Byron have retired gracefully from the League and their records have been expunged from this season's results.

The Dunstan have been involved in their second drawn match of the season; must be the beer, or the dominoes.

There are now only four teams with a 100% record.

Week 8: 5 January 1993

It was a difficult week for the organisers of the Quiz League. I would particularly like to thank the standby question masters in the A and C Leagues, and to Chris for delivery of some sets of questions. My apologies to those teams that did not receive score sheets.

Top Individual Scorers

Nick Dennis (Millstone), Alan Levitt (Nags Head 'A'), Andy Stone (Cock & Pheasant) 42
Peter Cole (CAP), Juliet Cook (CAP) 39
Steve Adshead (Brewers), Haydn Thompson (Chestergate) 36

Personal Bests

Andy Stone (Cock & Pheasant) 42
Peter Cole (CAP), Juliet Cook (CAP) 39
Steve Adshead (Brewers) 36
Bernard Jones (Solos), Tony Fogarty (Castle 'A'), Nick Cooper (St. Dunstan), John Brown (Rugby Club) 33
Dave Higginbotham (Chester Road Tavern 'A'), John Knight (Castle 'A'), Joyce Houghton (Jolly Sailor) 30
Pip Chandler (Rising Sun 'A'), Jim Moores (Chester Road Tavern 'B'), Derek Owen (Bridgewater) 27

Week 9: 19 January 1993

According to Tight-Lines, the once fishing correspondent of the Macclesfield Express and Advertiser, the burbot has been extinct in the UK for several decades. Indeed there is a £10,000 reward for finding a burbot. Maybe the Woodmen, who set the burbot question last week [this week? – 2019 web Ed.], are about to come into some money!

Week 10: 26 January 1993

Tight-Tums, erstwhile cookery correspondent of the Macclesfield Express and Advertiser, was surprised to hear that garlic was a herb. Anyway, there is now only one team with a 100% record: Nags Head 'A', the AC Milan of the Quiz League.

Week 11 / Cup & Plate Round of 16: 2 and 9 February 1993

The Nags Head 'A' and 'B' continue their all–conquering ways in the League. However they are not so lucky in the Cup competitions, with both sides being beaten by teams from the Millstone. There were many uncomplimentary comments about the Cup questions; they had not been properly vetted, and it showed. You will notice that the committee has published an open letter to the setters of the questions in the next round. If anybody has any further comments, please address them to an official of the League.

Open letter

... from the Committee to the Chester Road Tavern 'A' and Macclesfield CC, setters of questions for the Cup and Plate quarter–finals (to be played on 2 March 1993).

"Dear Captain,

 "You have been asked to provide questions for the quarterfinals of the Cup and Plate competitions. You are each asked to provide 60 questions and 5 supplementaries. Each team is asked to vet each others questions, with the Chester Road Tavern 'A' taking overall responsibility for the set.

"The questions for the last round of the Cup competitions were not liked; in fact some teams made comment that revenge should be taken. The Committee would like to think that the teams asked to set questions want to set good sets of questions and are not out to spoil the evening for other teams.

"If either team feel they are not able to set the questions please contact Nick Dennis [phone number provided] as soon as possible."

Week 12: 16 February 1993

The Nags Head 'A' are really [as opposed to virtually – 2019 web Ed.] the only club with a 100% record. Only the Nags and the Bridgewater can now realistically win the A League.

Week 14: 9 March 1993

With their victory over the Bridgewater, the Nags Head 'A' have virtually assured their winning of the A League. Normal results and information services will be restored next week.

Week 15: 16 March 1993

Some time before last week's games the Cock Inn phoned a member of the Committee and told them apologetically that they could only provide three question masters for the game of the 16th March. Efforts were made by the Cock Inn and the Committee to provide an additional question master. Unfortunately these efforts were unsuccessful and there was no question master for the game between the Boarhound (1st with 22 points) and the Oxfford Hotel (3rd with 20 points). The score sheet for this game was returned with a note demanding redress for this insult of not having a question master provided. They even suggested that the Cock Inn (2nd with 22 points) should have points deducted for this heinous crime.

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