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News and Views
1988–9 Season

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Week 2: 25 October 1988
Week 3: 1 November 1988
Cup Round 1: 8 Nov 1988
Week 4: 15 November 1988
Cup Round 2: 29 Nov 1988
Week 6: 6 December 1988
Week 7: 13 December 1988
Week 8: 3 January 1989
Week 9: 10 January 1989
Plate Round 1: 17 Jan 1989
Committee Meeting
Week 11: 31 January 1989
Cup & Plate Ro16: 14 Feb 89
Committee Meeting
Week 16: 21 March 1989
Cup & Plate Semis: 4 April 89

News and Views: 1988–9 Season

Fixtures and Results:

A League B League C League D League E League Cup Plate

Week 2: 25 October 1988

Well, at least all the teams turned up for this second Tuesday of the season. After last week's D League debacle, I realise that particular sympathy is due to the Nags Head 'B', who won their first game in ages and then had it declared null and void. As David Coleman would say, Nags Head 'B' have got it all to do. I have been asked to point out that David Coleman is unlikely to have said "It's a season of 16 games" as was suggested last week.

The individual performance of the week must be Dave McAllister's 51, a sterling feat. There was another good performance by Chestergate who remain on top of the C League with a good win over Church House 'B'.

The Robin Hood scored 5.38 for their questions which leaqves Softies out in front in the prestigious CAP trophy. In the light of the D League games going from last week the Softies mark has been adjusted to 7.34.

Top Individual Scorers

Dave McAlllister (Franklin 'A') 51
Irene Graves (Millstone 'B') 45
Peter McBride (White Swan 'A'), Graham Bailey (Lamb 'A') 42
Steve Thorpe (Softies), Alasdair Reid (Gardners QT), Peter Cole (CAP 'A') 39
Steve Carr (Softies), John Burgess (Chester Road Tavern), Peter Flannery (St. Dunstan), Alan Levitt (Nags Head 'A'), Mike Horner (Softies), Barbara Worth (Wanderers), John Keenan (Sema), Tony Odam (Town Hall) 36

Week 3: 1 November 1988

This week saw the first draw of the season, between Franklin 'B' and Solos at 91 apiece. The questions were not well received with the Rugby Club scoring an average of less than 3.

Ib the top game of the B League involving both newly promoted sides, the Town Hall beat White Swan 'A' by 13. The Millstone took their preferred position, on top of the A Legau, as CAP crashed to Lamb 'A'.

In the individual stakes there was a good performance by Christopher Dean (D League) 33 although there were only 17 people who scored more than 30.

Top Individual Scorers

Nick Dennis (Millstone 'A') 48
Graham Bailey (Lamb 'A'), Alan Levitt (Nags Head 'A') 36
Christopher Dean (Macclesfield Cricket Club), Steve Thorpe (Softies), Peter Cummins (St. Dunstan), Sylvia Roberts (Church House 'A'), Irene Graves (Millstone 'B'), Chris Hindmarch (CAP 'A') 33
Bernard Tozer (Robin Hood), Dave McAlllister (Franklin 'A'), Behu Dobson (Franklin 'B'), Alan Hollinshead (White Swan 'B'), Jeff Gallagher (Flowerpot), Tony Best (Prince Albert 'A'), Alasdair Reid (Gardners QT), Peter McBride (White Swan 'A') 30

Cup Round 1: 8 November 1988

A spate of close results and a few shocks made for an exciting first round of the Cup. Top performances were by the Franklin 'B' and Magician's Nephew, both of whom beat A League opposition. Team of the moment, Bears Head 'A'also beat strong opposition in their defeat of Hanging Gate, a non–league team organised by former league regular, Peter Flannery.

Week 4: 1 November 1988

I'm sure that quite a few people, including Steve Carr of the Softies, relocated the Whitney Museum from Manhattan to Houston. Ho hum. In the C League the White Swan 'B' beat the previously undefeated Chestergate to keep their own unbeaten run intact. The White Swan 'B' were undefeated during the whole if the 1987–8 season; are they going to do two seasons in a row?

On a low scoring night, top individual scorer was a brilliant 42 by Peter Cole (That's enough  Ed.), with only eleven players scoring 30 or over. The Millstone 'B' scored 3.5 for their questions and so the Softies are still in the lead for the CAP Trophy.

Top Individual Scorers

Peter Cole (CAP 'A') 42
Mike Horner (Softies), Peter McBride (White Swan 'A') 36
Robin Morrell (YPU), Graham Bailey (Lamb 'A') 33
Paul Prior (Sema), Chris Hindmarch (CAP 'A'), Rossi Albanese (Rugby Club), Tony Wilkinson (Rising Sun 'A'), Bob Langstaff (Robin Hood) 30

Cup Round 2: 29 November 1988

Once again, the Bears Head 'A' are this round's Giant Killers with their one point over A League Prince Albert 'A'. Elsewhere there was a close match between YPU and the Town Hall Club, with the Administrators winning by four points.

The draw for the next round of the Cup and the Second round of the Plate will take place on the 22 January 1989. The prize for the neatest score sheet goes to Carol Matthews of the Gardners QT in a close run battle.

Week 6: 6 December 1988

The biggest shock result of the season so far occurred in the B League where the Town Hall Club lost their 100% record to bottom of the table YPU. There are now only two teams with 100% record, White Swan 'B' and Sema.

White Swan 'B' kept their record in a close match with Gardners QT. In a night of changes, there are new leaders in each of the top three leagues.

The Chestergate received a creditable 6.5 for their set of questions, which is a good score for a first set of questions.

The score sheet for the match between Boarhound and the George & Dragon Rainow was not received at the Millstone and [the match] has been declared void.

Top Individual Scorers

Peter McBride (White Swan 'A'), Martin McReynolds (Gardners QT) 48
Irene Graves (Millstone 'B'), Nick Dennis (Millstone 'A') 42
Mike Horner (Softies), Helen Laurence (Flowerpot) 36
Nick Cooper (St. Dunstan), Robin Morrell (YPU), Ted Banks (Prince Albert 'A'), Paul Prior (Sema), Alan Levitt (Nags Head 'A'), Ian Haynes (Town Hall) 33

Week 7: 13 December 1988

Going into the Christmas break there is a three–way tie at the top of the A League, with CAP, Millstone 'A' and the Lamb 'A' all having lost one game. My apologies to the Macclesfield CC who are the third team with a 100% record.

The questions from the Franklin 'A' were not as well received as their questions were last year, but still scored a respectable mark.

Top Individual Scorers

Irene Graves (Millstone 'B') 45
Graham Bailey (Lamb 'A') 42
Tony Best (Prince Albert 'A'), John Brown (Rugby Club), Alan Levitt (Nags Head 'A') 36
Martin McReynolds (Gardners QT), Peter Cole (CAP 'A'), Chris Hindmarch (CAP 'A'), John Sugden (Wanderers), Nick Traynor (Chestergate), Haydn Thompson (Chestergate) 33

Week 8: 3 January 1989

There were no big shocks in the League for this first week of the new year. Nags Head 'A', after losing by one point on 13 December, went one better this week and drew with the Rugby Club.

In the individual stakes, the lower leagues had a good night with only four from the A League in the top scores for the night.

The Woodman failed to turn up for the game against Sema at the Dog & Partridge Bollington, and Sema have been awarded the game. The points for the game will be decided at the committee meeting on 22 January at the Old Millstone at 8:00. To avoid any further confusion, the locations of the non-obvious teams are included again below.

The Chester Road Tavern scored just over five for their questions. What was potentially a good set of questions was marred by their not being vetted. They were not vetted because they were not ready in time. Question setters are given good warning of their tasks, so please try and get questions ready in good time.

Top Individual Scorers

Nick Dennis (Millstone 'A') 48
Peter McBride (White Swan 'A'), Graham Bailey (Lamb 'A'), Alan Levitt (Nags Head 'A'), Mike Horner (Softies), Brian Haslam (Lord Byron) 36
Dave McAlllister (Franklin 'A'), Barry McQuinn (Sutton Club), Helen Laurence (Flowerpot), Alan Schultz (Prince Albert 'B'), Dave Pennington (Church House 'B'), Alan Hollinshead (White Swan 'B'), Tony Odam (Town Hall) 33

Home Locations

Softies Bulls Head, Market Place CAP 'A' St. Dunstan, Langley
YPU British Flag, Coare Street Wanderers Bulls Head, Broken Cross
Town Hall Town Hall Bar, Town Hall Gardners QT Dog & Partridge, Bollington
George & Dragon (S) George & Dragon, Sunderland St. Sema Dog & Partridge, Bollington
Solos Bulls Head, Market Place George & Dragon (R) George & Dragon, Rainow Road

Naming and Shaming

The following teams have not yet paid their subscriptions of £20 for 88-89. Cheques should be made payable to Macclesfield Quiz League and directed to the Millstone for the attention of Graham Bailey.

Rugby Club Softies Bears Head 'B' Town Hall Chester Road Tavern
YPU Wanderers Gardners QT Chestergate Rising Sun 'A'
Church House 'A' Lord Byron Brewers Bears Head 'A' Bate Hall
Nags Head 'B' Magician's Nephew Rising Sun 'B' George & Dragon (R)  

Week 9: 10 January 1989

Half way through the season, and congratulations are certainly due to White Swan 'B', Macclesfield CC and Sema for leading their divisions and maintaining a 100% record. Nags Head 'A' keep up their recent run of close games, this time with a three–point win over the Softies.

It is very close now in the A League, not only in the team table but also in the individual tables, where only 24 points separate the top four.

Massive amounts of information are provided, with a regular new table, showing those people who achieve their highest score for this season. Qualification is at least two games played and a score of at least 12.

Top Individual Scorers

Chris Hindmarch (CAP 'A'), Peter Cole (CAP 'A') 45
Nick Dennis (Millstone 'A'), Robin Morrell (YPU) 42
Martin McReynolds (Gardners QT), Irene Graves (Millstone 'B') 39
Steve Carr (Softies), Andy Jackson (Bears Head 'B') 36
Keith Dobson (Franklin 'A'), John Quilliam (Chester Road Tavern), Alan Levitt (Nags Head 'A'), Jeff Corry (Town Hall), Bernard Tozer (Robin Hood) 33

Personal High Scores

Chris Hindmarch (CAP 'A') 45
Stuart Rowbotham (White Swan 'B'), Keith Dobson (Franklin 'A') 33
Phil Kelly (Lamb 'A'), Grenville Leah (Macclesfield Cricket Club) 27
John Rogerson (Bate Hall), Roger Avery (Brewers), Graham Denton (Nags Head 'A') 21
John Swift (Millstone 'B'), Tim Findlow (Magician's Nephew), Judith Bennett (Flowerpot) 18
Brian Flack (Boar Hound) 15
William Dawson (Gardners QT), Judy Wilkinson (Rising Sun 'A') 12

Plate Round 1: 17 January 1989

There were no real giant killing results in the first round of the Plate, but there were some good close games. Millstone 'B' scored highest on the night (199) with a good performance by non-league Hanging Gate in scoring 107.

With regard to the questions, there are only three ranks containing the word 'General'; the rank of Brigadier General was abolished some time ago.

I must include Question 55.
I must include Question 55.
I must include Question 55.
I must include Question 55.

Committee Meeting: 22 January 1989

Item 1:

The draw was made for the next rounds of the Cup and Plate competitions.

Item 2:

The matter of the game between Sema and the Woodman in [Week 8] was discussed. The game was not played because the Woodman did not turn up at the Dog & Partridge in Bollington.

As per the League constitution, the game was awarded to Sema and the distribution of points was to have been discussed at this meeting.

The Woodman read a statement, which in outline put the League at fault for not making the location of teams like Sema clear, and asking for the game to be replayed.

After discussion, the committee decided that the League could not take any responsibility for the confusion. However Sema would be asked if they were willing to have the game replayed. If they agree, then the game will be counted as a full league game. If they decline, then the original ruling will stand.

As of 23 January, Sema had not been contacted.

Item 3:

The matter of subscriptions was raised. The matter of financially penalising defaulting teams will be discussed at the next committee meeting.

[A list of defaulting teams was provided. It would appear that of the 19 teams listed in the News & Views for Week 8 (see above), only the Gardners QT, Rising Sun 'A', Magician's Nephew and Rising Sun 'B' had paid since.]

Week 11: 31 January 1989

The team of the moment is undoubtably [that is not a word – 2019 web editor] St. Dunstan who have scored the highest etam score for the second week running. At the top end of the C League where the Chestergate beat Church House 'B' by one point. [and that is not a sentence!]

The indvidual competition for the A League got even closer this week with now only three points, the equivalent of one question, cover[ing] the top three.

The Nags Head 'A' scored just under 5 for their questions, which seems to be this season's mean score. There was some post–match criticism of some multi–part answers, which are considered to be invidious.

Top Individual Scorers

Nick Dennis (Millstone 'A'), Peter Cole (CAP 'A') 45
John Arnold (White Swan 'A') 42
Andy Jackson (Bears Head 'B') 39
Irene Graves (Millstone 'B'), Dave McKillop (Lamb 'B'), John Quilliam (Chester Road Tavern) 36
Barbara Worth (Wanderers), Graham Bailey (Lamb 'A'), Steve Mottram (YPU), Peter Cummins (St. Dunstan), Steve Haslam (Bears Head 'B'), Dave Pennington (Church House 'B') 33

Personal High Scores

John Arnold (White Swan 'A') 42
Dave McKillop (Lamb 'B'), John Quilliam (Chester Road Tavern) 36
Steve Mottram (YPU), Peter Cummins (St. Dunstan), Dave Pennington (Church House 'B') 33
Phil Kelly (Lamb 'A'), Jenny Williams (Lord Byron) 30
Dave Higginbotham (Chester Road Tavern), Dudley Hill (Prince Albert 'B'), Bob Damms (Macclesfield Cricket Club), Stan Burling (St. Dunstan), Bryan Parsonage (Solos) 27
William Dawson (Gardners QT), Stuart Burrows (Butley Ash) 24
Bob Haslam (Rising Sun 'B'), Eileen Pimblott (George & Dragon Rainow Rd.), Isy Shackleton (Rising Sun 'B'), Nick Lloyd Griffiths (Brewers), Terry Cunningham (Franklin 'A') 21

Cup & Plate: Round of 16, 14 February 1989

A good win by Chester Road Tavern over the Lamb 'A' provided the only real shock in this week's cup competitions. The Millstone 'A' beat the Town Hall Club 99–91 in a close game. The only team to score over 100 was the Cup holders, White Swan 'A'.

In the Plate there was a good win for Sema over the Wanderers. In the closest game, Softies had their revenge over the Motorcycle Mechanics (playing this year as the Hanging Gate). On spite of a brave and plucky performance – I think those are the right adjectives – Stockdales went down to the St. Dunstan. Only League teams are now left in both competitions.

Thanks to Macclesfield Cricket Club for providing the questions and to the other teams providing question masters.

Committee Meeting: 19 February 1989

Item 1:

The draw was made for the quarter–finals of the Cup and Plate competitions.

Item 2:

Seven teams had still not paid their subscriptions: Rugby Club, Bears Head 'B', YPU, Lord Byron, Brewers, Bears Head 'A', and Nags Head 'B'. They were warned that they would be visited so that the money could be extorted from them.

Item 3:

In the matter of Woodman v. Sema [see previous Committee Meeting notes], a statement was read from Sema saying that they were disappointed that the Woodman had not phoned the Dog & Partridge when the Woodman realised that was were the venue was (sic) and could not make it there. However they were prepared to play two games against the Woodman at the Woodman on the 11 April starting at 6:30.

The Robin Hood agreed to provide an extra set of questions for this night.

Item 4:

The matter of the Robin Hood v. Lamb 'B' was discussed. The game was drawn, however there was an answer given by the Robin Hood which was correct butr which was different from the answer on the answer sheet, which was wrong.

No marks were given for this correct answer and no supplementary offered, even though there were other games when both of these events occurred. This may have affected the outcome of the game.

After a long and constructive discussion, the following was decided:

The committee realises that there will be wrong answers and that different scores will be given for similar answers across the league
The match result and scores will stand
There will need to be reconsideration of the League rules, in the area of duties and responsibilities of Question Masters and of the role of the committee in disputes. This will be discussed at the next AGM.

Item 4:

The Finals and Presentation Night will be at the Haigh Arms on Wednesday 26 April 1989.

Week 16 : 21 March 1989

With two weeks to go in the League, we still have no definite League Champions although the crowd are on the pitch in some of the divisions. Promotion is settled in both the C and D League and congrats to those teams involved. The Individual trophy is still close in most of the divisions although in general the prize winners are pulling away a bit.

The questions by the Millstone in general were not liked and produced a low score overall with only two people scoring personal bests for the season.

Top Individual Scorers

Tony Best (Prince Albert 'A'), Peter Cole (CAP 'A') 42
Chris Hindmarch (Cap 'A') 36
Barbara Worth (Wanderers), Alan Hollinshead (White Swan 'B') 33
Chris McKiernan (White Swan 'B'), Robin Morrell (YPU), Alan Levitt (Nags Head 'A'), Jeff Gallagher (Flowerpot), Irene Graves (Millstone 'B'), Andy Jackson (Bears Head 'B') 30

Personal High Scores

Tony O'Neill (George & Dragon Sunderland St.) 27
Ian Willsdon (Prince Albert 'A') 21

Cup and Plate Semi–finals: 4 April 1989

So the twin towers of the Haigh Arms are now in sight for the victorious teams and the managers are busy arranging where they will stay the night before and where to obtain the giant plastic inflatables.

Thanks are due to the Flowerpot and Softies for an excellent set of questions.

St. Dunstan are now through to the Plate final for the second time in three years. They are hoping for a win this time, with YPU trying to thwart them. The Cup will have a new name engraved on its exalted plinth this year as Bears Head 'B' play CAP 'A'.

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