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Sunday 16 January

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Welcome to maccql.com

This is the website of Macclesfield Quiz League – an annual General Knowledge competition held throughout the winter months in and around the market town of Macclesfield, in the English county of Cheshire, since at least 1982. Here you can find all the latest results and League tables, a historical archive of past results and tables, and all the questions that we've set to challenge each other in the past four years or so (with answers, obviously).

This website replaced the Macclesfield Quiz League blog in 2017. The blog had been operational since 2007.

More information on the League is available on Nick's Quiz site, which has been a favourite with MQL participants (and a good many non–participants) for many years. Although it concentrates on the fortunes of one particular team, Nick's blog provides a forum for anyone who feels inclined to comment on matters related to MQL. It also holds the questions from several seasons up to and including 2016–17.

Latest News

This week we were saddened to hear of the death of Anne Goddard. Anne had been a regular member of the Cock Inn team since the 2004–5 season, having first played in 2000–1. She had been ill for a while, and this was one of the reasons for the Cock's recent decision to resign from the League, but her death was very sudden and unexpected. We send our condolences to the remainder of the team, and of course to Anne's family and other friends.

As well as the Cock Inn's resignation, and the consequential reorganisation of fixtures in the C League, other news this week included the Nags Head 'B's concession of their game against the Poachers and the relocation of Rushton Diamonds to the Harrington Arms (becoming known as Harrington Diamonds).

On Tuesday 11 January we played Week 5 of the 2021–2 League season. The questions are available from the Latest Updates menu on the left hand side of this page; the results, news & views, etc. will be posted as soon as possible.

And finally ... the results from Round 1 of the Cup competition (played on 14 December), and the draw for Round 2, have now been published. A link is available in the Latest Updates menu.

MQL Forum (New on 23 November 2021)

The MQL Forum has been up for a few weeks now, and we need more contributions. Please feel free to have your say!

You should find a link in the menu on the left hand side of this page. On the front page of the Forum, click the Post Here link to view the threads or start a new one.

Please bear with us if there are any teething troubles with this new feature, and don't be afraid to let me know about any problems you may have.


The Archive section of the website is now as complete as it's ever likely to be, in that all the historical material we have is there. If you can fill in any gaps, please get in touch!

Essentially, we have a complete record from 1999 onwards (thanks to the diligent record–keeping of Mark Watson). We have a good coverage of fixtures and results from the early 90s, but there are some gaps in the latter years of that decade. We have tables (League and Individual) as far back as the mid–80s, and Question Setters' Trophy details from 1992–3.

We have very little material concerning the first four or five years of the League's history, and sadly it now seems unlikely that any more will come to light from that era – unless you know different!

For details of what we have and what we don't have, please refer to the Archive Summary.

Haydn Thompson

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