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News & Views
2017–18 Season
Week 5.1

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Cup: Round 2 Results
Quarter Finals
Quarter Final Draw: Cup
Quarter Final Draw: Plate
Question Setters / Masters

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News and Views: 2017–18 Season – Week 5.1

Cup: Round 2 Results

Waters Green Lemmings 78 112 Ox–fford 'C'
Chester Road Tavern 69 63 Cock Inn
British Flag 78 85 Park Timers
Park Taverners 65 103 Church House Bollington
Nags Head 83 100 Dolphin
Ox–fford 102 68 Harrington Academicals
Weaver 85 103 Royal Oak
Dolphin Dragons 84 83 Wharfies

Congratulations to the Park Timers on beating the British Flag, who are currently eleven places above them in the League!

There was one other result this week that might be classed as an upset, with the Royal Oak easing past the Weaver. (This would have been an all–A–League tie last season.)

The closest result in this round was produced by its only genuine all–A–League tie, as the Dolphin Dragons beat the Wharfies by a single point.

Quarter Finals

The quarter finals of the Cup and Plate will be played on Tuesday 23 January 2018.

Quarter Final Draw: Cup

Ox–fford Church House Bollington
Park Timers Dolphin
Chester Road Tavern Royal Oak
Dolphin Dragons Ox–fford 'C'

The Cup quarter–finals will be contested by five teams from the A League, two from the B League and one from the C League. There will be at least one team from either the B or C League in the semi–finals.

Quarter Final Draw: Plate

Waters Green Rams Sutton Mutton
Prince of Wales Robin Hood
Sutton Club Pack Horse Bowling Club
Plough Horntails Harrington 'B'

The Plate quarter–finals will be contested by four teams from the B League and four from the C League. There will be at least one C League team in the semi–finals.

In total, five A League Teams, six B League teams and five C League teams remain in this season's knockout competitions.

Question Setters and Question Masters

The questions will be set by the Harrington Academicals and the Park Taverners, who are asked to provide three question masters each. The Weaver and the Waters Green Lemmings are asked to provide one question master each. This should mean that there are eight question masters – four each for the Cup and Plate.

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