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News & Views
1994-5 Season

News and Views: 1994–5 Season

Game 10

Following this game (played on 24 January 1995), Peter Cole wrote:

There are two important notes brought about by events of the last couple [of games] which I want to bring to your attention.

1.It is the responsibility of the question setters to provide 20 copies of the questions to the Millstone by the Monday evening before the quiz. If neither of the two teams have access to a suitable photocopier then the committe can organise copying. Teams should contact Graham Bailey on [number redacted] to arrange this. Notice must be given and this is done only as a last resort. We have an outstanding claim on the league from one team for photocopying costs which will be discussed at a committee meeting on Sunday 12th February at 8:00pm at the Millstone.
2.Once again we are getting a plethora of 'phobia' questions. There are no such words as GENOPHOBIA or HEDONOPHOBIA in either the Oxford Shorter Dictionary or the Chambers Dictionary. Regardless of what quiz books say you cannot just put a Greek prefix onto phobia and make an English word. Please think twice about putting these wretched questions in your question sets and then discard them.

End of Season: Additional Statistics

Best total scores over the season:

Alan Hodgson Bridgewater 54
Graham Bailey Prince Albert 51
Alan Levitt Nags Head 'A' 51
Peter Cole CAP 48
Steve Haslam Bears Head 'B' 48
Haydn Thompson Star Inn 48
Tony Best Nags Head 'A' 48
Robin Morrell Butley Ash 48
Irene Graves Millstone 48
Peter McBride Bridgewater 45
Alice Walker Star Inn 45
Steve Roxborough Waters Geeen Tavern 45

Best Specialist scores over the season:

Graham Bailey Prince Albert 24
Robin Morrell Butley Ash 24
Dave Pennington Church House Bollington 24
Juliet Wright CAP 24
Peter Cole CAP 24
Haydn Thompson Star Inn 24
Neil Wall New Castle 24
Alan Hodgson Bridgewater 24

Best General Knowledge scores over the season:

Alan Levitt Nags Head 'A' 36
Irene Graves Millstone 33
Haydn Thompson Star Inn 33
Peter McBride Bridgewater 33
Peter Cole CAP 30
Robin Morrell Butley Ash 30
Bob Langstaff Rising Sun 'X' 30
Tony Best Nags Head 'A' 30
Mike Horner Prince Albert 30
Andy Stone Railway View 'B' 30
Alan Hodgson Bridgewater 30

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