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Fixtures and Results
1997–8: Plate

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Round 1: 27 January 1998

Fixtures and Results: 1997–8 Season – Plate

Round 1: 27 January 1998

Question Setters: CAP, Rugby Club.

Castle 110 73 Sutton Club
Chester Road Tavern 'B' 92 89 Franklin
Dolphin 77 99 The George
Railway View 'A' 92 97 Ivy House
Rising Sun 'A' 80 112 New Castle
Weavers 92 97 Beehive

Round 2: 17 February 1998

Question Setters: Sutton Club, Railway View 'A'.

Question masters were provided by the Franklin, Dolphin, Rising Sun 'A' and Weavers (as well as the setters).

Beehive Prince of Wales
Bruce     Church House 'B'
Castle     Harrington 'B'
Cock Inn     Chester Road Tavern 'B'
Ox-fford Hotel 'A'     Puss in Boots
Rising Sun 'X'     Ivy House
The George     Railway View 'B'
Wharf     New Castle

Quarter–Finals: 10 March 1998

Question Setters: Cock Inn or Chester Road Tavern 'B'; Bridgewater or St. Dunstan.

Church House 'B' 55 78 Ivy House
Cock Inn 55 87  Ox-fford Hotel 'A'
New Castle 58 82 Prince of Wales
The George 74 83 Castle


Question Setters: Church House 'B', Cock Inn.

Ox-fford Hotel 'A'     Ivy House
Prince of Wales     Castle


Question Setters: .


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