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At a Glance: A League History

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Season 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
2016–17 Ox 'C' Dolphin Ox–fford Dragons Weaver CHB Wharfies Ryl Oak Robin
2015–16 Ox 'C' Ox–fford Dolphin Weaver Dragons Robin Ryl Oak Rams Lemmings
2014–15 Ox–fford Ox 'C' Dolphin Weaver Dragons Rams Know–Alls Knot Arf Accies
2013–14 Weaver Ox–fford Dolphin Ox 'C' Dragons Knot Arf Know–Alls Lemmings Flag
2012–13 Ox 'C' Ox–fford Weaver Dolphin Dragons Originals Flag CHB Accies
2011–12 Ox 'C' Ox–fford Dolphin Weaver Dragons Originals Accies Cock–A–2 Nags
2010–11 Weaver Ox–fford Ox 'C' Dolphin Dragons Originals Accies Flag
2009–10 Ox 'C' Ox–fford Weaver Dolphin Dragons Accies Nags Castle  
2008–9 Ox–fford Principls Ox 'C' Dolphin Dragons Accies Castle Flag New Cas
2007–8 Ox–fford Principls Dolphin Ox 'C' Dragons Castle New Cas CHB  
2006–7 Ox–fford Dolphin Ox 'C' Dragons Principls Castle Flag Wonders  

1995–6 B'water CAP But Ash Nags 'A' Millstone Albert Castle CRT 'A' Harr 'A'
1994–5 B'water Nags 'A' CAP But Ash Albert Millstone CRT 'A' Star RUFC
1990–1 Nags Hd CAP B'water Millst 'A' Castle 'A' Softies Ches'gte GQT Beehive
1989–90 CAP Nags Hd Castle 'A' Castle 'B' Castle 'A' Albert 'A' Softies Robin Lamb 'A'
1987–8 Millstn 'A' CAP Lamb 'A' Albert 'A' RUFC Softies Millstn 'B' Dunstan Lamb 'B'
1986–7 CAP Millstne Softies Lamb 'A' Lamb 'B' Albert 'A' RUFC Nags 'A' Robin

In 1990–1 the Softies were known as the Castle–Softies and the GQT were known as the Millstone–GQT.

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