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At a Glance
B League

At a Glance: B League History

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Season 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
2016–17 Flag Rams Accies Nags Plou Tavs Lemmings Cock–A–2 Park Tavs PHBC
2015–16 CHB Wharfies Accies Nags Flag Cock–A–2 Bate Tavs Horntails Mutton
2014–15 Robin Lemmings Nags Flag Cock–A–2 Horntails Bate Tavs Park Tavs Wharf
2013–14 Rams Accies Cock–A–2 Robin Park Tavs Wharf Horntails CHB Lamb
2012–13 Phoenix Know-Alls Robin Cock–A–2 Rams Horntails Park Tavs Nags Plou Tavs
2011–12 Flag CHB Park Tavs Phoenix Rams Plou Tavs Horntails Lamb Albion
2010–11 Nags Castle Phoenix CHB Horntails New Cas Lamb Albion Cock
2009–10 Knot Flag CHB Phoenix New Cas Albion Horntails Plou Tavs PHBC
2008–9 Heads Knot Phoenix Baths CHB Plou Tavs G & D Artists Cock
2007–8 Flag Accies Wondrs Cock Plou Tavs G & D Crowns Baths Lamb
2006–7 New Cas CHB G & D Accies Cock Plou Tavs Crowns Albion
1995–6 RUFC Star Weavrs Macc CC G&D (R) 'B' Woodmn Ox 'A' Ch Hse 'B' Cock
1994–5 Castle Harr 'A' Rly Vw 'B' Macc CC Woodmn Weavers G&D (R) 'B' Parkside Ch Hse 'A'
1990–1 Lamb 'A' CRT 'A' RUFC Albert Lamb 'B' Dunstan Macc CC George I Ch Hse 'B'
1989–90 Ches'gt GQT B'watr 'B' CRT 'A' Dunstan RUFC Bears 'B' YPU Frank 'A'
1987–8 Bears 'B' Nags 'B' Robin Franklin YPU Wanders CRT Ch Hse 'A' Byron
1986–7 Ship Dunstan Albion CRT Franklin Wanders YPU Ches'gt Bears 'A'

The Horntails were the Bate Horntails in 2013–14, and the Plough Horntails otherwise.

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