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At a Glance
D League

At a Glance: D League History

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Season 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
1995–6 Ox 'B' R Sun 'X' New Cas Drhm Ox Beehive G&D (R) 'A' Bruce Brewers  
1994–5 Bears 'B' WGT Franklin Brewers Drhm Ox New Cas G & D (S) Ris Sun 'A' Sut Club
1991–2 R Sun 'B' PoW Woodmn Harr 'A' Frank 'B' R Sun 'A' Bears Hd George II B'hnd 'B'
1989–90 Sema But Ash G & D (S) Byron Solo PoW Frank 'B' Brewers Sut Club
1987–8 Wt Sw 'B' Gardnrs G & D Brewers Albert 'B' Nags 'B' Beehive    
1986–7 Royl Oak Wt Swan Ch Hse 'B' Crown G & D Bhive 'A' Nags 'B' Cottn Tree Bhive 'B'

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