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Wednesday 18 April:
2017–18 Cup Final


Wednesday 18 April:
2017–18 Final Placings

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Friday 30 March:
2017–18 Week 18

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Welcome to

This website replaced the Macclesfield Quiz League blog in 2017. The blog had been operational since 2007.

Macclesfield is a market town in the English county of Cheshire, and its Quiz League has run without a break in the town's public houses on Tuesday nights through the winter since (at least) 1981. The League has been very kindly sponsored for many years by AstraZeneca under their excellent Community Relations programme.

Without the League's serene influence, several hundred people might have no idea which was the longest river wholly in England, how many bones there were in the human body, or who shot Gandhi. Some of us have been taking part for decades, and still don't know ...

On this website you can find the League fixtures, the latest results and tables, questions that have been asked since part–way through the 2016–17 season, and a partial historical archive of results and tables.

More information on the League is available on Nick's Quiz site, which has been a favourite with MQL participants (and indeed many non–participants) for many years. Nick's blog concentrates on the fortunes of one particular team, but also provides a forum for anyone who feels inclined to comment on matters related to MQL. It also holds the questions from several seasons up to and including 2016–17.

If you have any comments on the contents of this website, not least regarding any errors that you may spot, please email

Latest News

The Cup Final and presentations evening was held on Tuesday 17 April. The information packs for the 2017–18 season (as in previous years) are now available from the Latest Updates menu on the left hand side of this page, under 'Final Placings'.

Congratulations to the Dolphin on a convincing victory in the Cup Final – by 115 points to 105. More details are available in the Fixtures & Results section (there's a link in the Latest Updates menu).

The final round of league matches for the 2017–18 season were played on Tuesday 27 March. The questions, results, final League tables, the final individual top tens, and the News & Views are also available from the Latest Updates menu.


The latest updates to the archive were made on Saturday 19 May 2018. Please refer to the Latest Updates menu, on the left hand side of this page, for details.

Details for the 2016–17 and 2017–18 seasons are now complete.

Tables (League and individual) are available for all seasons from 2006–7 onwards. I have full details for these years waiting to go online, and also lots of stuff (hopefully including all of the final tables) for the previous ten years. Before 1996 there are more gaps than pieces, but ...

All the information I have for the 1997–8 season and earlier is now online. If anyone has anything from this time that isn't on the website, please let me know!

Thanks to Andy Johnson, Robin Morrell and Tim Findlow who have provided information so far.

Haydn Thompson

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