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2021–2 Season
Week 14.1

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2019–20: Final Results
2021–2: Final Results
Cup Final
A League
B League
C League
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News and Views: 2021–22 Season

Cup Final and Presentations Night – 26 April 2022

by Mark Watson

Many thanks as always to everyone who attended the Finals Night on Tuesday the 26th of April. There was an excellent turn–out to our new venue of the Queens and I hope all concerned enjoyed themselves. The quantity of sandwiches eaten suggests things went well!

The evening was a little unusual (haven't they all been for the last couple of years ... ?) in that as well as finalising the 2021–22 season, we also drew down a final curtain on the 2019–20 season.

The 2019–20 Macclesfield Quiz League season was suspended on Monday 16 March 2020 as the first COVID–19 lockdown started. We then didn't have a 2020–21 season at all as we just couldn't get together in pubs in a way that would make any Quiz League matches possible.

We had one round of League matches outstanding from the 2019–20 season, plus the Cup and Plate Finals, but given the passage of time and loss of some teams, it proved impossible to complete that season in the usual way.

We've been through some truly unprecedented times in the last couple of years and so the decision was taken to simply "draw a line" under the 2019–20 season where it stood and award some trophies in line with how everything was after the last round of games we were able to play.

2019–20: Final Results

The Nags Head 'B' could not have been caught at the top of the A League table, so they were A League Champions for this season – and the only indisputable winning team in the three Leagues.

Alice Walker and Ashton Davies were tied for the top Individual Score spot, and we'll never know who might have won ... so they both did! Both are deserved A League Individual winners in this season, and have since gone on to even greater things, as you know and will read about later.

In both the B and C Leagues, any one of three teams could have won the League titles depending upon the results of the last games, so all three of those teams in each League are on the record as League Winners.

The B and C League Individual Winners were more clear–cut, with Dave Partington and Wynne Keith–Davies taking those prizes.

Congratulations also to the Chester Road Tavern who won the Cars and Vans 4U Ltd Question Setters Trophy for the best questions of the season.

We also couldn't play the Cup and Plate Finals, so the two teams in the finals are now on record as the Winners for 2020.

2019–20: Summary

A League B League C League
Team Winners Nags Head 'B' Nags Head
Waters Green Rams
Dolphin Dragons
Park Taverners
Sutton Club
Sutton Mutton
Individual Winners Alice Walker
Ashton Davies
Dave Partington Wynne Keith–Davies
Cars & Vans 4U Ltd Question Setters' Trophy Chester Road Tavern
Cup Rushton Diamonds, Queens
Plate Sutton Club, Nags Head

2021–22: Final Results

Cup Final

The Cup Final was played on Finals Night and was a very entertaining contest with – quite literally – a Mastermind on each team!

Alice Walker and the Queens have surely had the most remarkable year, and they topped it off by beating the Poachers by 114 points to 102.

Alice's win in the Mastermind final was only broadcast a couple of weeks before the Finals Night, and Haydn has compiled a Special News & Views that has all the details.

These two teams have undoubtedly been the best in the League this season, with Ashton Davies leading the way for the Poachers following on from his Mastermind exploits last year. Ashton has also appeared on Brain of Britain and has done incredibly well in the last few years.

There were very few unanswered questions on the night, as you might imagine, and having won five out of the six rounds, the Queens were deserving winners on the night and have their name (previously the Ox–fford 'C', of course) on the Cup for the sixth time overall.

A League

The Queens won the title for the first time since 2018, and for the first time since they moved venue – they were the Ox–fford 'C' in a previous life, of course.

The Queens won every single game in their A League triumph this year – the first team to do this since the Ox–fford way back in 2005–6. Add to that their Cup triumph and the Queens are undoubtedly the "team of the season", unbeaten in every single game played.

Alice Walker won the A League Individual title for the third time, with Alan Hodgson and Ashton Davies finishing in joint second place just 18 points (six questions) behind, with Haydn Thompson in third.

Alan Hodgson had a spectacular "lockdown" also, getting to the Brain of Britain Final.

The A League Individual title has only ever been won by nine people in total in the 40 years we've played this League, with Alan Hodgson still being the record holder as a twelve–time winner, so "hats off" to Alan as well.

B League

Harrington Academicals won the B League title for the very first time, which seems incredible given how good the Academicals have been over the years.

This is actually their first League title since they won the D League as the Harrington 'A' back in 1991–92, although they have won a few Plate trophies over the years too.

The Nags Head finished runners–up after another excellent season on their part.

Paul Prior from the Nags Head deservedly won the B League Individual title this year, just edging four–time winner Dave Partington into second place, with Dave's team–mate Rob Parkin finishing third.

C League

The Sutton Club were winners of the C League this year, for the fourth time in their history.

The Park Timers were runners–up, just a point behind. Their excellent season was underlined by John Poyser winning the C League Individual title and Andrew Fenton finishing second.

In third place was Emma Griggs from the Sutton Club – her first trophy, and an excellent result.

Congratulations also to the Waters Green Lemmings who won the Cars and Vans 4U Ltd Question Setters Trophy for the best questions of the season for the very first time!

2021–2: Summary

A League B League C League
Team Winners Queens Harrington Academicals Sutton Club
Runners–Up Poachers Nags Head Park Timers
Individual Winners Alice Walker Paul Prior John Poyser
Cars & Vans 4U Ltd Question Setters' Trophy Waters Green Lemmings
Cup Winners Queens
Runners–Up Poachers
Plate Finalists Pack Horse Bowling Club, Chester Road Tavern

Next ...

The AGM and Plate Final will be the next business. The Plate Final will be contested by the Pack Horse Bowling Club and the Chester Road Tavern.

I will sort out questions for this game by some means or other!

I will look at sorting a date for the AGM / Plate Final in the near future, but sometime in the second half of September is the likely time. I'll keep you posted!

As a League, we have enjoyed a lot of excellent publicity recently thanks to our esteemed players mentioned above and the national success they've deservedly enjoyed. Hopefully we can use this to get a few more teams and/or players interested for next season and the website has more details about that as you will have seen already.

The final thing to say is that I still have some trophies to give out to teams – primarily from the 2019–20 season as "supply delays" are commonplace these days and we couldn't get everything we needed for the Finals Night. I will be in touch individually with folks / teams who can expect a delivery from me shortly!

Many thanks as ever to Olympus Trophies and Sam Baker who have done a sterling job as always and providing our trophies for us – it is much appreciated.

Until next time ...

Best wishes,


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