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News and Views
2003–4 Season

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Week 8: 13 January 2004
Week 17: 6 April 2004

News and Views: 2003–4 Season

Fixtures and Results:

A League B League C League Cup Plate

Week 8: 13 January 2004

There seems to be some confusion over what happens in Cup and Plate games if the match is drawn after 120 questions. The position is that the numerically based 'tie breaker' question should be used to settle the matter, with both teams writing their answers down and the team nearest the correct answer being declared the winners. Alternatively, if both teams agree, the supplementary questions can also be asked to the teams, again with both teams writing down their answers and the question master marking the scores. The highest score of course wins. In short: the tie breaker is to be used unless both teams agree on another way to settle it. As usual, the question master's decision is final.

There were a couple of comments last week about the variety of questions on offer, mainly in respect of sport and aeroplanes, although you could keep all the Bible questions as well as far as I am concerned! Please include a variety of questions. I will circulate the guidance notes to the setters of Cup and Plate questions as well from this point on.

Week 17: 6 April 2004

Next week will see the last League games of this season, with much left to be decided. The C League will have one of the tightest finishes I can remember, with plenty still up for grabs. [With one game to play, the Waters Green Wonderers were top with 24 points, and were followed by two teams on 22 points and two on 21: Beehive, Cock Inn, Brocklehurst Arms and Park Tavern, in that order. Four of these teams played each other in Week 18: Park Tavern v. Cock Inn, and Beehive v. Wonderers. Click here to see the results from those matches, and here to see how they finished!]

The last remaining entertainment for the season will then be the Finals Night. This will be held at The Weaver, Thornton Square, and will include butties!

The Cup Final will be between the George & Dragon 'B' and the Ox–fford 'C'. This should be an exciting game, and there will be a new name on the trophy this season.

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