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News & Views
1991–2 Season

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Week 1: 22 October 1991
Week 2: 29 October 1991
Week 3: 5 November 1991
Week 4: 12 November 1991
Week 5: 26 November 1991
Week 6: 3 December 1991
Week 7: 10 December 1991
Week 8: 17 December 1991
Week 9: 7 January 1992
Week 10: 21 January 1992
Week 11: 28 January 1992
Week 12: 11 February 1992
Week 13: 18 February 1992
Week 14: 3 March 1992
Week 15: 10 March 1992
Week 16: 24 March 1992
Week 17: 31 March 1992
Week 18: 14 April 1992

News and Views: 1991–2 Season

Fixtures and Results

A League B League C League D League Cup Plate

Week 1 – 22 October 1991

Notes from the Committee Meeting:

1. Despite a last minute appeal from the committee the Prince Albert have decided not to play in the B League this year. The B League will be run as an 8 team division. There are two annoying features for the committee. Firstly, nobody from the Albert had the courtesy to make one phone call to tell the committee that they were even thinking of pulling out. Secondly, there are several new teams who wanted to play on the League who could not be accommodated.
2. The committee will try and arrange friendly games for non-league teams. If anybody knows teams who would like to play on a relatively ad hoc basis please get them to contact an official of the League.
3. When teams are photocopying sets of questions, can they please ensure that the correct set, i.e. post vetting is copied. One method for this would be to vet on a master copy.
4. The score for the questions indicates the score for the whole evening, i.e. vetting, general knowledge and specialists.
5. The treasurer reminds teams that subscriptions are now due. Please contact Graham Bailey [telephone number provided] or Chris May at the Millstone with the mazoomah.

Highest scores for 22 October 1991 were:

Chris Richardson Nags Head 'A' 45
Gordon Muirhead Nags Head 'B' 45
Peter Cole CAP 36
Tim Hepworth Sema 36
Peter McBride Bridgewater 'A' 36
Nick Cooper St. Dunstan 36
Haydn Thompson Chestergate 33
Dave McAlister Franklin 'A' 33
Stuart Mills Harrington 'A' 30
Steve Haslam Chester Road Tavern 'B' 30
John Knight Castle 'A' 30
Alan Levitt Nags Head 'A' 30
Sue Johnson Nags Head 'A' 30

No big surprises in the first games of the season, with the Nags Head 'A' continuing on as they left off last season.

The questions for 22 October 1991 were awarded marks as follows:

A League 5.25
B League 6.00
C League 4.71
D League 4.71
E League 5.63
Trophy Score 5.26

Week 2 – 29 October 1991

The editor has promised not to make any comments about the surprising results last week. However Sema's win over George I was quite surprising.

Important notes

1. Sema are now playing their home league games at the Millstone, Waters Green, not the Butley Ash. Apologies to all teams concerned for the change.
2. The committee occasionally sanctions changes in venues and dates because of extraordinary events. However, all requests must be lodged with Nick Dennis the Fixtures Secretary [telephone number provided]. We had a communications problem involving the Rugby Club. The committee wishes to apologise to the St. Dunstan for any inconvenience caused.

The marks for the questions on the 29 October 1991 were as follows:

A League Average 3.88
B League Average 3.33
C League Average 1.88
D League Average 3.14
E League Average 3.50
Trophy Score 3.15
Season Average 4.20

Highest scores for 22 October 1991 were:

Alasdair Reid Sema 36
Robin Morrell YPU 36
Alan Levitt Nags Head 'A' 30
Nick Dennis Millstone 30
John Knight Castle 'A' 27
Peter McBride Bridgewater 27
John Brown Rugby Club 27
Peter Cole CAP 27
Paul Morrissey Rugby Club 24
Guy Barstow Prince of Wales 24
Geoff Whitney Weavers 24
Dave Higginbotham Chester Road Tavern 'A' 24
Chris McKiernan Beehive 24
John Quilliam Chester Road Tavern 'A' 24

Week 3 – 5 November 1991

There were fairly mixed views about the questions this week, including an obscene comment from one team. Well done lads, that was really helpful. High scores indicate the questions were easier than some, but as to the enjoyment.

N.B. There will be a committee meeting on the 24th November at the Millstone at 8:00 p.m. for the draw of the second round of the Cup. We will also discuss the question experiment and its progress to date.

The marks for the questions on 5 November 1991 were as follows:

A League Average 5.88
B League Average 5.00
C League Average 5.25
D League Average 5.13
E League Average 6.86
Trophy Score 5.62
Season Average 4.68

The teams involved were:

Specialists: George & Dragon (Sunderland St.)
General Knowledge: Weavers
Organisers: Chestergate

Highest scores on 5 November 1991 were:

Nick Dennis Millstone 51
John Burgess Chester Road Tavern 'A' 42
Chris Richardson Nags Head 'A' 42
Alan Levitt Nags Head 'A' 42
Bernard McLoughlin Harrington 'A' 42
Peter McBride Bridgewater 39
Phil Parker Beehive 39
Paul Prior Sema 39
Irene Graves Millstone 39

Week 4 – 12 November 1991

There are now only six teams with a 100% record in all five divisions. There was a close game in the E League where the George & Dragon (Rainow Road) maintained their undeaten record with a one–point win over the George II.

The score for the game between the Bridgewater and the Nags Head 'A' played on 5 November has been reversed. The captains signed the sheet as a win for the Bridgewater; however closer inspection showed that the scores had been reversed. Could captains be sure to check the arithmetic before they sign. The Secretary does not check the figures! You have been warned!

The questions for 12 November 1991 were set by the St. Dunstan and Church House 'B', and vetted by Chester Road Tavern 'A'. Their marks were:

A League Average 6.63
B League Average 5.00
C League Average 4.88
D League Average 5.86
E League Average 4.88
Trophy Score 5.45
Season Average 4.87

Highest scores for 12 November 1991 were:

Robin Morrell YPU 45
Nick Dennis Millstone 45
Alan Levitt Nags Head 'A' 42
Jeff Gallagher Rising Sun 'B' 42
Julian Amey Rugby Club 42
Graham Bailey Lamb 'A' 39
Jeff Corry Castle 'A' 39
Nick Traynor Chestergate 39
Peter Cole CAP 36
Alasdair Reid Sema 36
John Knight Castle 'A' 36

Cup Round 1 – 19 November 1991

Unusually there were two games that needed a tie–break to decide them in the first round of the Cup. Don't bet against a Millstone team winning the Plate. Three teams from the Millstone were in the first round of the Cup and three teams lost. Terrible shame.

Week 5 – 26 November 1991

A couple more 100% records went this week, although the Castle are still top of the heap in the A League.

Note: Score sheets are invariably separate from the question envelopes. The score sheet pack contains important information each week.

Score sheet packs are only guaranteed to be available from 7:30 on Tuesday night. Please do not call for them earlier.


Thank you. End of sermon!

The marks for the questions set on 26 November 1991 were:

A League Average 5.67
B League Average 5.67
C League Average 5.00
D League Average 5.88
E League Average 4.13
Trophy Score 5.25
Season Average 4.94

Highest scores for 26 November 1991 were:

John Knight Castle 'A' 45
Steve Carr Softies 39
Helen Laurence Weavers 36
John Brown Rugby Club 36
Haydn Thompson Chestergate 36
Nick Dennis Millstone 36
Peter Cole CAP 36
Steve Thorpe Softies 33
David Whitworth St. Dunstan 33
Alice Walker Chestergate 33
Liz Horrocks Butley Ash 33

Week 6 – 3 December 1991

In their first defeat of the season, Castle 'A' were well beaten by the Millstone. Elsewhere in the League there were many close results, with eighht matches being decided by less than ten points. Sema just preserved their 100% record with a two–point win over the Prince of Wales.

The questions for 3 December 1991 were set by the Woodman and Franklin 'B', and organised by the Nags Head 'A'. Their marks were:

A League Average 5.75
B League Average 4.13
C League Average 3.38
D League Average 4.86
E League Average 3.83
Trophy Score 4.39
Season Average 4.85

Highest scores for 3 December 1991 were:

Irene Graves Millstone 45
Graham Bailey Lamb 'A' 42
Helen Laurence Weavers 39
Jeff Corry Castle 'A' 39
Liz Horrocks Butley Ash 36
Alan Hodgson Bridgewater 36
Graham Holt George I 36
Peter McBride Bridgewater 36
David Henshall George I 36

Week 7 – 10 December 1991

So now there are only two teams with a 100% record: Sema in the C League and Harrington 'A' in the D.

As a member of the team vetting the questions last week, I'm taking advantage of my position to give a personal view of the questions. I have not discussed this with the teams concerned, so apologies to them in advance.

The specialiost rounds were too obscure. They had the feel of being done by one person who had not checked them with the other members of the team. This is very bad practice as the one person cannot give any objective as to the hardness or, more important, the obscurity of the questions. The committee does recommend trying questions out on the remainder of your team for that very reason.

The general knowledge were of a more enjoyable standard. There were som every good questions in theere. However, there were too many stock questions. With this I would ask yourself whether you would object if the opposing team were to be given this question. There is a place for standard questions, but there were too many in this set.

Neither of these criticisms gives any constructive guidance as to how we should handle the question setting for the League. This is a critical question and all contributions would be welcome.

The Specialist rounds were set by the Beehive, the Gernal Knowledge by Chester Road Tavern 'B', and the questions were vetted and organised by CAP. Their marks were:

A League Average 5.50
B League Average 5.00
C League Average 3.00
D League Average 4.25
E League Average 2.88
Trophy Score 4.13
Season Average 4.75

No personal scores this week (pressure of work).

Week 8 – 17 December 1991

For the second week running, there were many comments made about the questions, and in particular the Specialist Rounds. These ranged from "So you thought last week's specialist rounds were obscure" to "The specialist rounds were hopeless". I will print good comments if they arise or any comments back from the question setters. It is not an easy task and it [is] not my role to criticise unduly. However, comments have been made. I would once again advise question setters to read the advice doled out at the beginning of the season, it makes reasonable sense.

Other comments have been made about the scoring of the questions. For this season, we have no alternative to just providing one set of marks. It would be unfair and difficult to change now. This may be changed for next year. Thanks again for your comments.

The questions for 17 December 1991 were set by Macc CC (Specialist), Harrington 'B' (General Knowledge) and vetted by Castle 'A'. Their marks were:

A League Average 5.38
B League Average 3.5
C League Average 2.5
D League Average 3.13
E League Average 2.63
Trophy Score 3.43
Season Average 4.58

Highest scores on 17 December 1991 were:

Tony Best Nags Head 'A' 39
Graham Bailey Lamb 'A' 39
Irene Graves Millstone 36
Alan Levitt Nags Head 'A' 36
Robin Morrell YPU 36
Alan Rudden Bridgewater 36
Chris Hindmarch CAP 33
Bernard Tozer George I 30
Ken Allen Church House 'A' 30

Personal bests for the Season scored on the 10th and 17th of December 1991 were:

Peter McBride Bridgewater 39
Bernard Tozer George I 30
Dave Thompson Lord Byron 27
Andy Stone Lamb 'B' 27
Steve Higginbotham Butley Ash 27
Bob Langstaff George I 27
Tony Wilkinson Rising Sun 'A' 24
Guy Barstow Prince of Wales 24
Neil Drummond Weavers 24
Bill Brown Parkside Social 24
Campbell Montgomery Church House 'B' 24
Geoff Parkin Harrington 'B' 24
Peter Cummins St. Dunstan 24
Robert Kennerley Harrington 'A' 24
Chris Hacking Millstone 21
Nick MAnnion Chester Road Tavern 'A' 21
Davd Haigh Sema 21
Pete Sayers YPU 21
Jo Browne YPU 18
Louise Fanfarillo Woodman 18
Neil Johnson Parkside Social 18
Dave Holmes Church House 'B' 18
Brian Thompson Softies 18
Ainslee O'Neill Boarhound 'A' 18
Sarah Swindells George II 15

Week 9 – 7 January 1992

There will be a committee meeting on the Sunday after the next Cup game, at 8:00 p.m. at the Millstone.

Highest scores for on 7 January 1992 were:

Steve Haslam Chester Road Tavern 'B' 33
Alan Hodgson Bridgewater 33
Nick Dennis Millstone 33
Nick Cooper St. Dunstan 33
Chris Hindmarch CAP 30
Peter McBride Bridgewater 30
Alice Walker Chestergate 27
John Knight Castle 'A' 27
Dave Higginbotham Chester Road Tavern 'A' 27
Steve Thorpe Softies 27
John Burgess Chester Road Tavern 'A' 27
Gordon Muirhead Nags Head 'B' 27

Personal bests for the Season scored on 7 January 1992 were:

Steve Haslam Chester Road Tavern 'B' 33
Dave Higginbotham Chester Road Tavern 'A' 27
Bill Brown Parkside Social 24
Alan Hollinshead Castle 'A' 24
Louise Fanfarillo Woodman 21
Dave Haigh Sema 21
John Simpson Chester Road Tavern 'A' 15
Chris Wood Boarhound 'A' 15

Cup Round 2 and Plate Preliminary Round – 14 January 1992

The Cup results went well for the higher clubs in the League. There are still eight A League and four B League teams left in the last 16 of the Cup. Consequently there is only one A League team in the Plate.

Week 10 – 21 January 1992

There were many close games in the league this week with seven games being decided by less than ten points. Harrington 'A' and Sema both retain their 100% records, with the Harrington beating their close rivals Franklin 'B'.

Personal scores will be resumed in two weeks' time.

Week 11 – 28 January 1992

There will be a special committee meeting very soon to discuss next year's AGM and the second annual Charity quiz. Keep your diaries open in anticipation.

The questions for 28 January 1992 [Week 11] were set by Rising Sun 'B' and Harrington 'A', and vetted by Castle-Softies. Their marks are in the first column below. The questions for 21 January [Week 10] were set by Prince of Wales and the Millstone, and vetted by Lamb 'B'. Their marks are in the second column.

A League Average 5.89 5.75
B League Average 5.67 4.00
C League Average 4.67 4.13
D League Average 4.86 4.57
E League Average 4.88 3.86
Trophy Score 5.19 4.46
Season Average 4.61 4.67

Highest scores for 21st and 28th January 1992 were:

Andy Stone Lamb 'B' 42
Steve Haslam Chester Road Tavern 'B' 42
Alasdair Reid Sema 39
Nick Dennis Millstone 39
Peter McBride Bridgewater 36
Alan Levitt Nags Head 'A' 36
Nick Traynor Chestergate 36
Chris McKiernan Beehive 36
Graham Bailey Lamb 'A' 33
Alan Hodgson Bridgewater 33
Patrick Booth Lamb 'A' 33
Haydn Thompson Chestergate 33
Chris Hindmarch CAP 33
Chris Richardson Nags Head 'A' 33

Personal bests for the Season scored on 21st and 28th January 1992 were:

Andy Stone Lamb 'B' 42
Steve Haslam Chester Road Tavern 'B' 42
Alasdair Reid Sema 39
Chris McKiernan Beehive 36
Chris Hindmarch CAP 33
Patrick Booth Lamb 'A' 33
Dave Higginbotham Chester Road Tavern 'A' 30
Bob Langstaff George I 30
Alan Schultz Lamb 'A' 30
Kevin Goulden Nags Head 'B' 27
Neil Drummond Weavers 24
Peter Bowler Millstone 24
Trevor Goodey Lamb 'B' 24
Ainslee O'Neill Bears Head 'A' 21
Roger Avery Brewers 21
Dave Robinson Rugby Club 21
Louise Fanfarillo Woodman 21

Week 12 – 11 February 1992

Congratulations to the Chestergate, YPU and the Weavers: their questions last week were the first set to score more than six points for the CAP Trophy. There was an upset in the A League when the unlucky Millstone lost in the League to CAP. Well, I have to report it.

N.B.: The draw for the quarter–finals of the Cup and Plate competitions will be 10:30 p.m. at the Millstone on 25th February. Please ensure scoresheets are returned by this time. All are welcome.

Week 13 – 18 February 1992

And then there was one. The Harrington 'A' lost their 100% record this week and now Sema are the only perfect team (sic). The questions, specifically the general knowledge questions, were not liked. See below for more details.

The two weeks' scores shown here indicate two very different appreciations for the questions. The column on the right is for the questions on 11 February 1992 [Week 12], set by Weavers, Chestergate and YPU. They are leading the race for the CAP Trophy and are the only team to have scored over 6. The left column is for the questions on 18 February 1992 [Week 13]. These were set by Church House 'B', Chester Road Tavern 'A' and Boarhound 'A'. They were not liked – the second least popular [of the season so far]. The General Knowledge questions were particularly disliked. You will noticve that the scores were least in the lower leagues, in spite of the stated attempt made by the setters of the General Knowledge to appeal to the lower leagues by setting 'trivia questions'.

A League Average 4.00 7.25
B League Average 3.67 5.57
C League Average 2.63 6.25
D League Average 3.25 6.00
E League Average 3.25 5.50
Trophy Score 3.36 6.11
Season Average 4.65 4.77

Highest scores for 18 February 1992 were:

Graham Bailey Lamb 'A' 42
Jeff Gallagher Rising Sun 'B' 36
Paul Prior Sema 36
Alan Levitt Nags Head 'A' 33
Steve Higginbotham Butley Ash 33
John Knight Castle 'A' 33
Philip Green Woodman 33
Robin Morrell YPU 33
Steve Mottram YPU 30
Helen Laurence Weavers 30
Chris Hindmarch CAP 30
Julian Amey Rugby Club 30
Mike Horner Solos 30
Mike Fanfarillo Woodman 30

Personal bests for the Season scored on 18 February 1992 were:

Graham Bailey Lamb 'A' 42
Steve Higginbotham Butley Ash 33
Philip Green Woodman 33
Steve Mottram YPU 30
Mike Fanfarillo Woodman 30
Dave Robinson Rugby Club 27
Neil Drummond Weavers 27
Tony Gronert George & Dragon (R) 24
Bob Bratton Church House 'A' 24
Carol Reid Sema 21
Mark Wilson George & Dragon (S) 21
Andrew Twyford George I 21

Week 16 – 24 March 1992

We are now in the home stretch; three champions have been decided. With two weeks to go there are three champions, four promotion places and five relegation places to be decided.

Please fill in your section of the score sheet with your details for the next year. Please also read the notice on the special committee meeting this Sunday about next season. Your attendance would be very welcome.

Week 17 – 31 March 1992

A note on the personal score tables. Awards are given to those people finishing in the top ten of each division. Only the best 12 scores out of a possible 16 cound for each person. The tables show the following:

Games played
Total – your best twelve marks
Highest – Your highest score in the season
Lowest – your lowest counting score, i.e. if you have played more than 12 games your 12th best score
Week 18 – your score on the night in question

I hope this has cleared up any confusion that may have arisen, where people do not think they have been credited with their correct score.

CAP Trophy

The questions on the 24th and 31st March [Weeks 16 and 17] were in general well received. Maybe wimmen's questions on sex would be a real winner. The questions on 24 March [Week 16] were set by Beehive, CAP and Church House 'A', their marks are in the right hand column. The questions on 31 March [Week 17] were set by Castle 'A', Sema and Rising Sun 'A'. Their marks are in the left hand column.

  31 March 24 March
A League Average 6.63 7.00
B League Average 5.67 6.50
B League Average 5.75 5.25
D League Average 6.75 5.25
E League Average 4.13 6.13
Trophy Score 5.78 6.03
Season Average 4.85 4.79

Top scores on 24th and 31st March

Alan Levitt Nags Head 'A' 51
Paul Prior Sema 45
Tony Best Nags Head 'A' 45
Steve Mottram YPU 42
Gordon Muirhead Nahs Head 'B' 42
Peter McBride Bridgewater 42
Robin Morrell YPU 42
Irene Graves Millstone 42
Haydn Thompson Chestergate 42
Jeff Corry Castle 'A' 42
Nick Dennis Millstone 42
Mike Horner Softies 42
Barbara Worth Franklin 'A' 39
Peter Cole CAP 39
John Hargreaves Brewers 39

Personal bests scored on 24th and 31st March

Peter Cummins St. Dunstan 36
Alice Walker Chestergate 36
Liz Horrocks Butley Ash 36
Geoff Whitney Weavers 36
Bob Langstaff George I 33
Chris Wood Boarhound 'A' 33
John Keenan Sema 33
Keith Dobson Franklin 'A' 33
Mark Wilson George & Dragon (S) 33
Dave McAllister Franklin 'A' 33
Tony Wilkinson Rising Sun 'A' 33
Patrick Booth Lamb 'A' 33
Gloria Penman George II 33
Stuart Mills Harrington 'A' 30
John White Rising Sun 'B' 30
Andy Johnson Church House 'B' 30
Linda Mitchell Church House 'B' 30
Dave Pennington Church House 'B' 30
Peter Bowler Millstone 30

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