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1989–90 Season

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Week 3: 24 October 1989
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News and Views: 1989–90 Season

Fixtures and Results:

A League B League C League D League E League Cup Plate

Week 3: 24 October 1989

Congratulations to the George & Dragon, Rainow Road, for winning their first league game. In the A League the unfortunate record of the Castle 'B' continues: they have the highest points score in the League, yet have won no games. It's a funny [old] game.

On a more positive note, Nags Head have risen to the top of the A League with their win over the Prince Albert. Early indications are that all leagues are going to be close this year.

Questions for 24 October 1989 were set by the Flowerpot. They scored:

A League 4.17
B League 4.75
C League 5.67
D League 6.25
E League 3.88
Trophy Score 4.94

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