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AGM and Plate Final

... will be held in the autumn, probably at the Queens Hotel, on a date to be decided. The Plate Final will be between the Chester Road Tavern and the Pack Horse Bowling Club.

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Thursday 19 May

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Friday 13 May:
End of Season Details (2019–20)

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Tuesday 10 May:
Cup Final & Presentations Night


Monday 9 May:
Cup Final & Presentations Night

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Tuesday 3 May:

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Monday 2 May:
End of Season Details (2021–2)

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Thursday 24 April:
Cup Final (Tuesday 26 April)


Tuesday 12 April:
Week 14 (Tuesday 5 April)

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Welcome to maccql.com

Macclesfield Quiz League is an annual General Knowledge competition held throughout the winter months in and around the market town of Macclesfield, in the English county of Cheshire, since at least 1982. Here you can find all the latest results and League tables, a historical archive of past results and tables, and all the questions that we've set to challenge each other in the past few years (with answers, obviously).

This site carries all MQL questions since November 2016. Questions from several years before that can be found on Nick's Quiz site, which also follows the fortunes of Nick's team – the Waters Green Lemmings – on a weekly basis, and is always an entertaining read.

This website replaced the Macclesfield Quiz League blog in 2017. The blog had been operational since 2007.

A Message From Our Secretary

Our league needs your help.

In the recent (and ongoing) pandemic, and in common with other quiz leagues, we have been hit by the loss of teams, players, and venues to play from.

We are therefore more keen than ever to recruit new teams and players.

Do you know of anyone who may be interested in forming a team? Do you know of any individuals who would like to play? We could potentially help these join up with others to form a team, or put them in touch with existing teams who need players. Do you know of any venues that would be interested in hosting a new team?

Have you any other ideas about how we could increase interest and participation? How should we promote ourselves more? How could we look after any new teams and make sure they stay with us?

Please either post your ideas on the MQL Forum or, if you prefer, email me (Mark Watson).

We have a great league – we would just like a few more teams. All of your ideas will be gratefully received.

Best wishes,

Mark Watson

Latest News

The 2021–2 Cup Final and Presentations Night was held at the Queens Hotel on Tuesday 26 April. The Poachers and the Queens contested another high–scoring Cup Final, with the Queens doing just enough in the end to win the trophy for the fifth time (but the first in their latest guise). Photographs of prize winners from all three Leagues, as well as the Cup, are now available from the Latest Updates menu on the left–hand side of this page, along with full News & Views and the result and questions from the Cup Final.

Full End of Season details for both the 2019–20 and 2021–2 seasons (League tables, and full individual scores for each team) are now also available from the Latest Updates menu.

The Archive is now fully up to date up to the end of the 2021–2 season (except for the Plate Final, obviously). In partiucular the Team Records and Family Trees, Individual Records and Honours Boards have been updated. These are all available either from the Latest Updates menu, or from the menus at the top of every page on the site (Archive and Honours)

Full details of the final League matches of the 2021–2 season, played on Tuesday 5 April, are also available from the Latest Updates menu.

And finally ... if you missed our News & Views Mastermind special, you can find it here.

Contact Us

If you have any comments on the content of this website, please contact haydn@maccql.com.

If you have any questions, or anything to say, about Macclesfield Quiz League – particularly if you'd like to take part! – please contact markw@maccql.com

MQL Forum

It seems to have been a game of two halves for many of us this week. To see what Dave (and others) have had to say, follow the link on the left hand side of this page and then click where it says Post Here.


The Archive section of the website is now as complete as it's ever likely to be, in that all the historical material we have is there. If you can fill in any gaps, please get in touch!

Essentially, we have a complete record from 1999 onwards (thanks to the diligent record–keeping of Mark Watson). We have a good coverage of fixtures and results from the early 90s, but there are some gaps in the latter years of that decade. We have tables (League and Individual) as far back as the mid–80s, and Question Setters' Trophy details from 1992–3.

We have very little material concerning the first four or five years of the League's history, and sadly it now seems unlikely that any more will come to light from that era – unless you know different!

For details of what we have and what we don't have, please refer to the Archive Summary.

Haydn Thompson

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