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Macclesfield Quiz League: Season by Season

This page will be developed as more updates are added to the archive.


This year we lost two teams, leaving 24 teams in three leagues of eight teams each. The A and B Leagues were each reduced from nine teams to eight. The Waters Green Rams, who finished as runners–up in the B League in 2016–17 and should by rights have been promoted to the A League, remained in the B League.


2016–17 2017–8
Plough Taverners Resigned
Cock–A–2 Resigned
Brewers Arms Prince of Wales (returning to their previous home in the Porters Ale House – a.k.a. the Prince of Wales – on Roe Street)


This season we lost one team and gained a new one. The team that resigned would have played in the C League this season (having been relegated from the B League), so the new team has taken its place; all other leagues and teams are unaffected.

Nick Cusack, of the Waters Green Wonderers, was thanked for his part in bringing the new team into existence.

Resigned Franklin
New team Prince Albert

In addition, two teams have moved home and two others have changed their names:

2003–4 2004–5
Macclesfield Cricket Club Bruce Taverners
Travellers Rest Albion (London Road, near the Byrons Lane junction)
Crown Principals Crown Prince
Brocklehurst Arms Ship Inn (name changed to represent the venue that they moved to last season)


This summer saw the most fundamental change in the League structure for some years.

We finished last season with 33 teams: eight each in the A, B and C Leagues, and nine in the D League. Over the summer we lost six teams, and no replacements could be found despite the best efforts of the Committee (and others).

The resignations resulted almost exclusively from people moving away from the area (usually the person who organised the team), and changes to work patterns (shifts, working away from home, etc.). No one actually said they were dropping out because they were completely fed up with it, which was heartening, but the need to recruit some new blood over the next twelve months or so was recognised.

Anyway ... we were left with 27 teams, and the good news was that this divided neatly into three Leagues of nine teams each. As a result of the changes, there were effectively no relegations this year. Two teams moved from the B League to the A League, four moved from C to B, and the seven remaining teams from last season's D League joined the two that remained in the C League.

As well as the six teams that resigned, five teams moved home and one of the moves necessitated a change of name for a sixth team. Details:

Resigned Puss in Boots, Franklin (would have played in the B League); Church House, Robin Hood (C League); Nags Head, Bruce Arms (D League)

2002–3 2003–4
Bridgewater Moved to the Dolphin
Prince Albert Moved to the Crown, Bond Street - playing as the Crown Principals
Crown Renamed the Crown Jewels
Ivy House Moved to the Franklin (replacing the team that resigned)
Wharf Moved to the Park Tavern
Brocklehurst Arms Moved to the Ship Inn, Beech Lane – but still known as the Brocklehurst Arms

Two further consequences of the reorganisation were highlighted in the Information Pack:

1 As we now have only 27 teams, and 36 sets of questions are required (18 Specialists and 18 General Knowledge), some teams will need to set two sets. It was decided (at the AGM) that each A League team would set both sets of questions for one week, and the B and C League teams would pair up on the other weeks.
2 There will be four games in each League, every week. This means that the one team in each League that has no game must provide four question masters, and there are no 'spare' teams to call on if anyone is unable to do so.

Webmaster's note (June 2018)

Old hands will have noticed that each of these changes takes us back, in a sense, to the early days of the League. It's no coincidence that we have nine teams in each League whenever possible; this means that eight teams can play each week and the ninth team can provide the requisite number of question masters. IMHO this is a far better arrangement than in some other quiz leagues, where the home team must provide a question master. As for the question setting: I've been around long enough to remember when only A and B League teams were assigned question setting duties and each week's questions were set by just one team. I can remember the AGM agreeing to include C, D and E League teams on the question setting rota, but can't remember when it happened. All I know (from the information we have in the Archive) is that it was some time between 1987 and 1994.


This summer we lost two more teams and welcomed one new one. This left us with 33 teams, and it was decided that the C League should be reduced from nine teams to eight. Promotion and relegation happened as normal, except that the St. Dunstan (who finished seventh out of eight in the B League last season) stayed in that League.

We also had three changes of venue.

Resigned New teams
Plough Pioneers
Railway View
Sutton Church House
2001–2 2002–3
Star Inn Moved to the Ox–fford, playing as the Ox–fford 'C'
Rising Sun 'A' Moved to the Robin Hood (Rainow)
Rising Sun 'X' Moved to the Waters Green Tavern, playing as the Waters Green Wonderers


This summer we lost three teams and gained two new ones. This left us with 34 teams, and it was decided that the B League should join the A League in having eight teams this season.

As two of the teams that resigned had been playing in the A League, and the other in the B League, this (along with the reduction in the B League from nine teams to eight) left two vacancies in the A League. Consequently no teams were relegated this year, but two teams were promoted from each of the B, C and D Leagues as normal. The two new teams joined the D League, also according to custom, neatly filling the vacancies left by the two promoted teams.

Andy Ridgway and Alan Hodgson were thanked for their roles in bringing the new teams into existence.

There was also one change of venue, and one change of team name as a consequence of one of the resignations.

In summary:

Resigned New teams
Nags Head 'A'
Sparta Waters Green
Bruce Arms
Prince of Wales
2000–1 2001–2
White Swan Moved to the Travellers Rest
Nags Head 'B' Renamed Nags Head


We lost one team this year, in rather unfortunate circumstances: Howard Richardson, captain of the Railway View 'B', died suddenly during the summer after a short illness, and the rest of the team felt unable to carry on without him. Condolences were offered to them, and to all of Howard's friends and family.

As we now have 35 teams, it was necessary to reduce one League from nine teams to eight, and it was decided that the A League should take this hit. (It was pointed out that teams in the higher Leagues tend to play more games in the knockout competitions.) Consequently it was decided that the bottom two teams in each of the A, B and C Leagues should be relegated according to the standard procedure, but only one team would be promoted from each of the B, C and D Leagues. The three runners–up who thus missed out on promotion were the Castle, Church House and Cock Inn.

Two teams played under new names this season.

In summary:

1999–2000 2000–1
Railway View 'B' Resigned - Railway View 'A' renamed Railway View
Waters Green XL5 Sparta Waters Green
Harrington 'A' Harrington Growlers

'Growler' is a traditional dialect word for a pork pie. If my memory serves me well, it was said at the time that the pork pie was a speciality of the Harrington Arms, and that the term is local to Cheshire. A quick search on Google, however, found more evidence of its being claimed by Yorkshire.


This year the centre for collecting questions and leaving score sheets moved across the Market Place to the Waters Green Tavern. We are still using the same psychedelic wallet.

Two teams resigned from the League and were replaced by two new teams. There was also one change of venue, necessitating a change to another team name, and one unrelated change of team name:

1998–9 1999–2000
Three Crowns
New teams:
Brocklehurst Arms
Plough Pioneers
Dolphin moved to the Nags Head, becoming the Nags Head 'B' – previous Nags Head team is now the Nags Head 'A'
Waters Green Wolverines renamed Waters Green XL5

The teams that left us were both in the D League last season, so they were directly replaced by the two new teams. As last season, we have four Leagues with nine teams in each.


The Wood Ox having disappeared without trace last year after playing just one friendly game, we were left with 38 teams at the end of the season: four leagues of eight teams each and one of six. The Ox–fford Hotel 'A' dropped out over the summer, and the Boarhound eventually resigned after attending the AGM and signing up to play. Two of last season's teams then joined forces, and one entirely new team was warmly welcomed. This means effectively that we lost three teams and gained one, giving us 36 teams this season. They will play in four Leagues of nine teams each.

In summary:

1997–8 1998–9
Boarhound Resigned
Ox–fford Hotel 'A' Resigned – Ox–fford Hotel 'B' renamed Ox–fford
Church House 'B' Amalgamated with St. Dunstan – Church House 'A' renamed Church House
  New team: Three Crowns
Weavers Relocated to the British Flag
Waters Green Wolverines Renamed Waters Green XL5
Prince of Wales Relocated to the Waters Green Tavern, playing as Waters Green Rams
The George Relocated to the White Swan

The consolidation into four leagues means that the E League is disbanded after being in existence for eleven years (having been formed in the 1987–8 season). The eight teams from last season's E League will contest the D League this season, along with newcomers the Three Crowns. Somewhat similarly, last season's six surviving C League teams remain in the C League for this season.

Four teams (Waters Green Wolverines/XL5, Prince of Wales/Waters Green Rams, Harrington 'A' and Puss in Boots) are promoted from the C to the B League. The Beehive and the Dolphin (Champions and runners–up respectively in the E League last season) unfortunately lose out on promotion in all but name.

In the A League, last season's eight teams are joined by the Star Inn. The other five survivors from last season's B League remain in that division.


The most important change this season (according to the annual information pack) was that the the centre for collecting questions and leaving score sheets changed from the Millstone next door to Bar 108. We still used the same psychedelic bag (which in fact is still in use 21 years further on!).

The following moves and changes were announced at the start of the season:

1996–7 1997–8
Parkside Social Club Resigned
Woodman Wood Ox (playing at the Durham Ox)
Nags Head 'B' Dolphin
Waters Green Tavern Waters Green Wolverines ("in the spirit of RL")
Butley Ash George & Dragon 'B' (Rainow Road)
Geo and Dragon George & Dragon 'A' (Rainow Road)
Millstone Boarhound
Brewers The Wharf

With the departure of the Parkside Social Club team, the D League was left with seven teams; the other four leagues had eight each. Some friendlies were identified for the D League; these did not count for team scores, but individual scores did count.

In the event, the Wood Ox played just one friendly in Week One, after which they appear to have resigned. The D League continued with six teams.


As the Millstone is being renovated (I hope they keep the jigsaw picture), the collection point for question masters and the drop-off point for score sheets will be the Castle. Watch this space.


  1988–9 1989–90
A League Town Hall Club Castle 'A'
Millstone 'A' Castle 'B'
White Swan 'A' Bridgewater 'A'
B League White Swan 'B' Bridgewater 'B'
D League Magician's Nephew Prince of Wales


A League Softies Bulls Head, Marketplace
CAP St. Dunstan, Langley
B League YPU British Flag, Coare Street
Gardners QT Dog & Partridge, Bollington
C League Wanderers Bulls Head, Broken Cross
  Sema Dog & Partridge, Bollington
  Solos Bulls Head, Marketplace
  George & Dragon (S) George & Dragon, Sunderland Street
E League George & Dragon (R) George & Dragon, Rainow Road

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