Cream Soda

Although Wikipedia introduces Cream Soda as "traditionally flavored with vanilla and raspberry", the remainder of the page suggests that the raspberry is by no means a standard, and even the vanilla wasn't essential in the early days.

Wikipedia goes on to say that the cream soda is based on the taste of what it calls a "classic soda", which is what we would probably know in the UK as an ice cream float. Which explains the vanilla flavour.

Continuing with Wikipedia however, we learn that a recipe for cream soda that was published in 1852 calls for water, cream of tartar (tartaric acid), Epsom salts, sugar, egg, and milk, with baking soda added after heating and cooling to make it fizzy. No mention of vanilla, let alone raspberry. Thirteen years later, in 1865, a patent was granted for a drink that sounds much the same but in which you can use "any of the usual flavoring materials – such as oil of lemon, extracts of vanilla, pine–apple, to suit the taste".

I am no expert on the subject of cream sodas, but I can't help feeling that this question represents yet another example of over-reliance on Wikipedia's summary description.

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