Buckminster Fuller

... was born Richard Buckminster Fuller. His father had the same name, and his paternal grandfather was Arthur Buckminster Fuller, a Unitarian minister who has his own Wikipedia page.

On its page dedicated to the person in question, Wikipedia tells us that "as a child, Richard Buckminster Fuller tried numerous variations of his name. He used to sign his name differently each year in the guest register of his family summer vacation home at Bear Island, Maine. He finally settled on R. Buckminster Fuller."

Wikipedia seems to take this as proof that he used Buckminster as his first name, referring to him either as "Fuller" or "Buckminster Fuller". You have to wonder what his friends and family called him. "Buckminster" is surely too much of a mouthful. "Bucky", or maybe "Buck"?

Somehow, I can't see it. Wikipedia doesn't think to enlighten us, but my guess is Richard, or possibly Dick.

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