Pablo Honey

This question fails to mention that when it says "the charts", it means the album charts.

Pablo Honey was Radiohead's debut album – released on 22 February 1993. It included the track Creep, which had been released as their first single five months earlier. This failed to make the charts initially, but the band's second single, Anyone Can Play Guitar, succeeded in that respect – entering the Top 100 on 13 February 1993 (nine days before the release of Pablo Honey).

Creep finally entered the singles chart in September 1993, a year after its release, and reached No. 7. It was the first of Radiohead's six Top Ten singles in the UK (to date).

Pablo Honey reached No. 22 on the UK album charts. The band's second album, The Bends, reached No. 4; the third, OK Computer, reached No. 1, and although it didn't make the top 20 best selling albums of the 1990s it has since been regularly voted or listed as one of the best albums of all time.

Radiohead's next four albums – up to and including In Rainbows (1997) – also reached No. 1, but The King of Limbs (2011) peaked at No. 7. These two were both available for download only, and for the former, purchasers could pay as much or as little as they wanted to. It was later reported that only 38% of purchasers had paid anything, and the average amount paid was $2.26.

Radiohead's ninth studio album, A Moon shaped Pool, was released digitally in May 2016 and on CD and vinyl the following month. It reached No. 1 in the UK, and also in Ireland.

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