The USA's Twenty Largest Cities

The six largest cities in Texas are Houston (4th in the USA), San Antonio (7th), Dallas (9th), Austin (11th), Fort Worth (16th) and El Paso (20th).

The USA's three largest cities are New York (2016 population estimate 8.53 million), Los Angeles (3.98 million) and Chicago (2.70 million). Houston's 2016 estimate is 2.30 million.

California has four of the twenty largest cities: apart from Los Angeles, the other three are San Diego (8th), San Jose (10th), and San Francisco (13th).

The other nine cities in the Top Twenty are Phoenix, Arizona (5th), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (6th), Jacksonville, Florida (12th), Columbus, Ohio (14th), Indianapolis, Indiana (15th), Charlotte, North Carolina (17th), Seattle, Washington (18th) and Denver, Colorado (19th).

Five of the twenty are state capitals: Phoenix, Austin, Columbus, Indianapolis and Denver.

Each of the top ten has a population of over one million. El Paso's 2016 estimate was 683,080.

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