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News and Views: 2018–19 Season – Cup Final and Presentations – 9 April 2019

By Mark Watson.

Cup Final

Weaver 82 109 Ox–fford 'C'

The Cup Final was a very entertaining contest, with the Ox–fford 'C' managing to keep the Weaver at bay (despite the latter's home advantage – albeit that's not a major thing in quizzing terms!) to win the final 109 – 82.

The Ox–fford 'C' got off to a flying start, winning the first round of twenty questions by 21 points to 11, which was the widest gap of any round on the night. They won the second round 16–14 in what turned out to be the most difficult round of questions on offer, then took the third round 19–12 to establish a strong 56–37 lead at half–time. The Weaver made a comeback and won round four 18–15, but the Ox–fford 'C' won the last two rounds to take the second half by 54 points to 45.

Having won 5 out of the 6 rounds, the Ox–fford 'C' were deserving winners on the night and took the Cup for the fourth time overall. Many thanks also to our Question Masters / scorers for the night, Alan Hodgson and Peter McBride – both from the Dolphin of course.

The questions were compiled by the Dolphin and the Dolphin Dragons, from those supplied by all non–participating teams.

A League

The Ox–fford won the title for the first time in four years, following on from three years of titles by the Ox–fford 'C'. An interesting League battle this season, with all sides competing for the title losing more games than usual.

Mark Watson won the A League Individual title for the first time in three years, following on from Alice Walker and Haydn Thompson. The A League Individual title has only ever been won by 8 people in total in over 35 years, with Alan Hodgson still being the record holder as a 12–time winner.

B League

The British Flag win the B League title for the sixth time in total. The Rushton Diamonds finished runners–up and both teams return to the A League next season. A tight race again at the top of the B League this year with the Nags Head and the Harrington Academicals just missing out.

Dave Partington from the Harrington Academicals deservedly won the B League Individual title this year, the second time he has done so after his previous win in 2015/16.

C League

The Robin Hood were runaway winners of the C League this year and this is their first C League title. They did win the B League in 2014/15, so the B League need to take note for next year!

The Chester Road Tavern are runners–up and promoted for the first ever time in their history –as far as I can remember anyway! The CRT edged the Sutton Club to take second spot on the basis of scoring just 9 points more than their opponents in the 14 games played, both sides having an identical won / lost record. It couldn't have been much closer, but well done to the CRT.

Jim Kennelly from the Robin Hood won the C League Individual title, and did so comfortably having only played 10 games of the maximum 11 scores counted. Jim has won this trophy before too back in 2011/12, and he also won the B League Individual in 2014/15 when the Robin won the B League, so momentum is building!

Next Time: Plate Final and AGM (date TBA)

The 2018–19 Plate Final will be contested between the Harrington Academicals and the Waters Green Lemmings. The questions will be collated by the Robin Hood and the Harrington 'B', from those not used in the Cup Final.

The Plate Final will be followed by the 2019 AGM.

I will look at sorting a date ASAP, but it will likely be some time in the second half of September. Watch this space!

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