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2004–5 Season

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Week 1: 2 November 2004
Week 2: 9 November 2004
Week 3: 16 November 2004
Week 4: 23 November 2004
Week 5: 7 December 2004
Week 6: 14 December 2004
Week 7: 4 January 2005
Week 8: 11 January 2005
Week 9: 25 January 2005
Week 10: 1 February 2005
Week 11: 8 February 2005
Week 12: 15 February 2005
Week 13: 1 March 2005
Week 14: 8 March 2005
Week 15: 15 March 2005
Week 16: 22 March 2005
Week 17: 12 April 2005
Week 18: 19 April 2005

News and Views: 2004–5 Season

Fixtures and Results:

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Week 1: 2 November 2004

Usually I have printed just results and SEMA Trophy scores for the first week of the season as obviously three teams have yet to play a game, but I have had a couple of requests this year for the "full hit", so here it is. [League tables and individual top tens have not been reproduced on the website!]

Finally, many thanks to you all for paying subscriptions on time. Every team has now paid for the season – something of a record I'm sure.

Week 2: 9 November 2004

One or two (!) comments have been received about the first two weeks' questions – the identity of the current "Spanish President" and Oliver Letwin's exact role in life being only two of the most common. If you are setting questions, please check your answers are correct with each other and use the other teams for vetting.

One other concern mentioned has been time keeping, particularly when questions have been 'passed over' and the second team has exhausted its additional ten seconds. Some 'conferring' goes on almost ad infinitum. Please make sure you give an answer of some sort as soon as the question master asks for one.

Week 3: 16 November 2004

The match between the Prince Albert and the Prince of Wales was not played, as the Prince Albert were unable to raise a team. The Prince of Wales team and the question master did assemble, and the game was played out with the Prince of Wales being asked their questions and the team members answering or not as the case may be. The two points for the game have been added to the Prince of Wales's total, as have the recorded individual scores for each player, but not any total points scored by the team.

The Prince Albert did manage to raise a team for Week 4. If they are unable to commit to playing out the season some time subsequently – and we hope that will not happen – then the committee will meet to decide the fairest way to resolve the issue of scores.

It is worth mentioning that the Prince Albert had fielded healthy teams in the first two weeks of the season, but had lost some members who were unwilling to play any longer due to the difficult and obscure nature of the questions being asked.

Whilst the notion of questions being easy or hard is a matter of some subjective judgement, the general feedback so far this season has been very much that the overall standard hs dropped from last year, when broadly speaking the questions were viewed as pretty reasonable overall. Please bear the guidance in mind when setting questions for the rest of the season.

Week 13: 1 March 2004

Congratulations to the Prince Albert on winning their first game in the League since their new team was formed at the beginning of the season. They have survived a tricky first few weeks and have lost some very close games recently. Everything comes to those who wait ...

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