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1991–2 Season
Week 18

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News and Views: 1991–2 Season – Week 18 – 31 March 1992

A note on the personal score tables. Awards are given to those people finishing in the top ten of each division. Only the best 12 scores out of a possible 16 cound for each person. The tables show the following:

Games played
Total – your best twelve marks
Highest – Your highest score in the season
Lowest – your lowest counting score, i.e. if you have played more than 12 games your 12th best score
Week 18 – your score on the night in question

I hope this has cleared up any confusion that may have arisen, where people do not think they have been credited with their correct score.

Results: Week 18

A League

Question Masters: Castle 'A'.

Lamb 'A' 137 157 Nags Head 'A'
Chester Road Tavern 'A' 120 151 CAP
Castle-Softies 70 169 Chestergate
Bridgewater 149 156 Millstone

B League

Question Masters: Macclesfield CC.

Rugby Club 154 75 Waters Green
St. Dunstan 93 117 Beehive
Butley Ash 123 121 YPU
Franklin 'A' 119 103 Lamb 'B'

C League

Question Masters: Sema.

Solos 68 136 Woodman
Church House 'B' 138 77 Church House 'A'
Rising Sun 'B' 115 118 Weavers
George I 109 118 Prince of Wales

D League

Question Masters: Rising Sun 'A'.

Brewers 121 114 Franklin 'B'
Lord Byron 59 113 Chester Road Tavern 'B'
Harrington 'A' 128 79 George & Dragon (Sunderland St.)
Park Tavern 110 100 Bears Head

E League

Question Masters: Harrington 'B'.

Sutton Club 91 91 George II
Boarhound 'A' 91 72 Boarhound 'B'
White Swan 82 78 Parkside Social
Nags Head 'B' 77 87 George & Dragon (Rainow Rd.)

CAP Trophy

The questions on the 24th and 31st March were in general well received. Maybe wimmen's questions on sex would be a real winner. The questions on 24/3/92 were set by Beehive, CAP and Church House 'A', their marks are in the right hand column. The questions on 31/3/92 were set by Castle 'A', Sema and Rising Sun 'A'. Their marks are in the left hand column.

  Week 18 Week 17
A League Average 6.63 7.00
B League Average 5.67 6.50
B League Average 5.75 5.25
D League Average 6.75 5.25
E League Average 4.13 6.13
Trophy Score 5.78 6.03
Season Average 4.85 4.79

Top scores on 24th and 31st March

Alan Levitt Nags Head 'A' 51
Paul Prior Sema 45
Tony Best Nags Head 'A' 45
Steve Mottram YPU 42
Gordon Muirhead Nahs Head 'B' 42
Peter McBride Bridgewater 42
Robin Morrell YPU 42
Irene Graves Millstone 42
Haydn Thompson Chestergate 42
Jeff Corry Castle 'A' 42
Nick Dennis Millstone 42
Mike Horner Softies 41
Barbara Worth Franklin 'A' 39
Peter Cole CAP 39
John Hargreaves Brewers 39

Personal bests scored on 24th and 31st March

Peter Cummins St. Dunstan 36
Alice Walker Chestergate 36
Liz Horrocks Butley Ash 36
Geoff Whitney Weavers 36
Bob Langstaff George I 33
Chris Wood Boarhound 'A' 33
John Keenan Sema 33
Keith Dobson Franklin 'A' 33
Mark Wilson George & Dragon (S) 33
Dave McAllister Franklin 'A' 33
Tony Wilkinson Rising Sun 'A' 33
Patrick Booth Lamb 'A' 33
Gloria Penman George II 33
Stuart Mills Harrington 'A' 30
John White Rising Sun 'B' 30
Andy Johnson Church House 'B' 30
Linda Mitchell Church House 'B' 30
Dave Pennington Church House 'B' 30
Peter Bowler Millstone 30

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