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Historical Rules
1987–8 Rules

Archive: 1987–8 Rules

Significant changes from the 1985–6 rules are highlighted.

1. The league will commence on Tuesday 13th October 1987.

2. Each team will consist of four players for any game, however any number of players may be used during a season. Once a player has played for one team in a season he may not play for another. No substitutes may be used except in exceptional circumstances, both Captains and the Question Master agreeing.
3. Teams to assemble for 7.45, game to start at 8.00 prompt. Should a team be unable to start by 8.00, ten points will be deducted from the total score at the end of the game. Should a team be unable to start by 8.15, that team forfeits both points to the opposition and a committee meeting will be held to award individual points.

4. Structure of the game: The game is started by the toss of a coin, the winner having choice of going first or second. After the seals have been checked on the question envelope the Question Master will direct individual questions on specialist subjects to each team in turn.
There will be eight specialist subjects. Five of these will be:
Arts and Entertainment
The remaining three subject areas will be left to the choice of the question setter. If the individual answers the question correctly within 15 seconds (the time to be taken from the end of question to the start of answer) he will be awarded three points, these points counting both to the team score and also to his individual score for the season. However, should he feel unable to answer the question on his own, he can confer with the other members of his team, at any time within the fifteen seconds answering period, by saying "confer", his team will then have ten seconds in which to start their answer. One point will be awarded for a correct team answer.
If an individual or "conferred" answer is incorrect, the question is passed over to the opposing team as a conferred question, with a time limit of ten seconds, from the Question Master saying "Passed over". One point is awarded for the correct answer.
At the end of the specialist rounds, the order of play is reversed. There are twelve general rounds, played exactly as the specialist rounds.

5. Protests: In any dispute, the Question Master's decision is final. If any team is not satisfied with this, whilst accepting the decision for the evening, they may protest in writing to the league secretary within seven days, whereon the Committee will decide.
It is recommended that disputes are settled, if at all possible, before moving on to the next question. Supplementary questions are provided to allow the Question Master to resolve disputes.
6. Score Keeper: A score keeper will be provided by the home team. He will keep score and time, under the direction of the Question Master. Time limits should be strictly adhered to, and a five second warning given to the players. A time piece should be provided by the Home team. Score sheets will be provided by the League.
7. Points: Two points are awarded for a win and one for a drawn match. If teams are level on game points their positions are determined by the points scored by the teams in the matches.
8. Structure of the League: there are five divisions - A, B and C have 9 teams, D and E have 7 teams.

9. Fees: the season fees are £20 per team, payable as soon as possible and in any event before Xmas. Non-League Teams entering the Cup will pay a £5 fee.

10. League Promotion and Relegation: is based on two up and two down from each division. In the event of teams leaving the league and other league restructuring, the committee's decision is final.

11. League Prizes.  There is a Champion's Shield for each Division, returnable each year and to be displayed in the winner's pub at the pub's own risk.

12. Cup Competitions: There are 3 Cup Competitions:
a) President's Cup - This is the main cup competition and will include all League teams and any other teams paying the appropriate fee. It will be run on a knockout basis. There will be 100 General Knowledge questions to be put to both teams, and to be answered in writing by the team captains after conferring with the members of his team. Each correct answer will be awarded one point. Questions will be asked at intervals of approximately 30 seconds, but sufficient to allow the questions to be answered. There will be an interval after each 25 questions for the Question Master to mark and return the answer sheets. The Question Master's decision is final.
There will be a cup for the winners of the competition, which will be returnable each year. The cup will be kept in the winner's pub at the pub's own risk. Other prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the committee.
b) Plate - This competition will be open to all Cup teams who are knocked out in the first two rounds of the President's Cup. The same rules will apply as for the President's Cup and the same questions will be asked. There will be a plate for the winners of the competition which may be kept by the winning team.
c) League Cup - This competition will only be open to teams from the D and E Leagues. The same rules apply as for the main Cup competitions. The questions will be a subset of the League Questions for the nights these games are played. There will be a trophy for the winning team, the nature of the trophy has yet to be decided.

13. There is no Rule 13!

14. Return of Score Sheets: It is the responsibility of the winning captain to ensure that the score sheets are returned to the Old Millstone by closing time on the day after the match (i.e. Wednesday evening). He may delegate this task but it is ultimately the responsibility of the winning team Captain. In the event of a drawn game it is the responsibility of the Home Team Captrain. In the event that score sheets are not returned, the match score will be null and void and no team points or scores awarded to either team. Individual scores will be recorded towards the individual totals for the season.

15. Standard of Questions: For each game, teams competing will be afforded the opportunity to award points for the standard of questions set. This will be done by giving the questions a mark out of 10 for their suitability. These will be totalled after each match and a returnable trophy to the team scoring the highest marks. This should reflect the entertainment value of the questions and the way that the questions have contributed, or not, to the overall evening.

16. Committee: President:   Don Medwell
    Chairman:   John Knight
    Secretary:   Peter Cole
    Treasurer:   Graham Bailey
    Fixture Secretary:   Alan Barton

[Telephone numbers were given for all Committee members.]

Committee Meetings will be held as and when required. Meetings are normally held on a Sunday evening in a town centre pub. All meetings are open and all team captains are voting members of the Committee.

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