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Historical Rules
1985–6 Rules

Archive: 1985–6 Rules

Changes from the 1984–5 rules are highlighted.

1. The league will commence on the 8th October 1985.

2. Each team will consist of four players for the actual game, however any number of players may be used during the season. Once a player has played for one team he may not play for another. No substitutes may be used except in exceptional circumstances, both Captains and the Question Master agreeing.
3. Teams to assemble for 7.45, game to start at 8.00 PROMPT. Should a team be unable to start at 8.00, ten points will be deducted from the total score at the end of the game. Should a team be unable to start by 8.15, that team forfeits both points to the opposition and a committee meeting will be held to award points to the individual section.

4. Structure of the game: The game is started by the toss of a coin, the winner having choice of going first or second. After the seals have been checked on the question envelope the Question Master will direct individual questions on specialist subjects to each team in turn. There will be eight specialist subjects, five of which will be: History, Geography, Arts & Entertainment, Sport, and Sciences. The remaining three subject areas will be left to the choice of the individual question setters. If the individual answers the question correctly within fifteen seconds (time taken from the end of question to start of answer) he will get three points, this score goes towards his team's total and also his individual total for the season. However, should he feel unable to answer the question on his own, he can confer with the other members of his team, any time within the fifteen seconds answering period, by saying "confer", his team will then have ten seconds, in which to start their answer. One point will be awarded for a correct conferred answer [see Note a below].
If an individual or "conferred" answer proves incorrect, the question is passed to the opposing team as a conferred question, with a time limit of ten seconds, from the Question Master saying "Passed over" to start the answer. One point will be awarded for the correct answer.
At the end of the specialist round the order of play will be reversed, so that the team going second on the specialist round shall now go first on the General Knowledge round. In the general knowledge section there will be ninety-six questions, forty-eight to each team. All questions are asked individually, and these will be scored exactly as in specialist rounds. Time limits are the same as described above also.

5. Protests: In any dispute the Question Masters decision is final. If any team is not satisfied with this, whilst accepting the decision for the evening, they may protest in writing to the league secretary within seven days, whereon the Committee will decide.
6. Score Keeper: Will be provided by the home venue. He will keep score and time under the direction of the Question Master. Time limits should be strictly adhered to, and a five second warning given to the players, when they have this amount of time left, in which to answer their question. A stop watch of time piece will be provided by the venue. Score sheets will be provided by the league.
7. Points: Two points for a win, one for a draw. If at the end of the season two or more teams have the same number of points, positions will be decided by the questions answered score.
8. Fees: will be £15 per team per season, payable before the season starts. All fees go towards prizes.
9. League Promotion: This year the league is divided into three sections, Groups A and B, which contain the established teams, and group C which contains the new teams, at the end of the season the top two teams from group B will join group A and the top two teams from group C will join group B. Other movements will be determined by the Committee, depending on the number of teams participating.
10. Prizes. For each league there will be: a Brocklehurst Auctions League Champions Shield returnable each year and to be kept in the winner's pub at the pub's own risk. Five individual trophies for the league champions to be kept. Runners up, five individual prizes to be kept. There will also be prizes awarded to the ten highest scoring individuals in each League. In addition there will be the award of the Brocklehurst Auctions Trophy presented to the highest scoring individual in the "A", "B" and "C" Leagues, this trophy is returnable each year and is to be displayed in the winner's pub at the pub's own risk.
11. President's Cup [see Note b below]: This will be run on a knockout basis, and will include all league teams. Other teams wishing to enter this competition will pay a fee of two pounds to enter the competition. There will be 120 General Knowledge questions, 60 to each team. Questions will be asked to each team in turn, and all answers will be conferred. There will be two points for a team answering its own question correctly within a fifteen second time limit. If it answers incorrectly, or is unable to give the answer, the question will be passed over to the opposing team, who then have ten seconds, in which to answer. They will receive one point for a correct answer.
There will be a cup for the winners of the competition, and this will be returnable each year, and kept in the winner's pub at the pub's own risk. Other prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the committee.
12. Setting of questions: Questions will be set by the 'A' and 'B' group teams in the order indicated on the fixture lists, the 'C' section teams (for this year) will act as Question Masters only, as indicated on fixture list.
All questions to be typed or printed in Block Capitals in a clear legible fashion.
The team setting the questions, and the two teams asking the questions for their respective matches, should meet in the week previous to match date, to vet the questions and to ensure all question masters are acquainted with the questions. If any team has any queries about the setting of questions, ie. difficulty, type, impartiality, etc., a member of the Committee will be only too happy to help. Questions have to be handed in to the Old Millstone in sealed envelopes for each game, ie. three sets for each league, on the Sunday before they are due to be asked. Questions are collected from the Old Millstone at 7.00pm on the night of the game, together with the score sheets. The score sheets are returned to the Old Millstone by the next day.
For each game, teams competing will be afforded the opportunity to award points for the standard of questions set for that round. This will be done by giving the questions a mark out of 10 for their suitability. These marks will be totalled up at the end of the season and a prize will be awarded for the team scoring the highest marks, i.e. the team who in the opinion of all the other teams produced the most agreeable and entertaining set of questions.

13. Committee: Chairman:   Peter Cole
    Treasurer:   Graham Bailey
    Secretary:   Alan Lord
    Assistant Secretary:   Alan Schulz
    Fixture Secretary:   Alan Barton
    President:   Don Medwell

[Telephone numbers were given for all Committee members.]

Committee Meetings will be held as and when needed and be publicised at the start of games. All meetings are open, and each Team Captain has a vote, i.e. each Team Captain elected by his team is automatically a voting Committee member.


a) This section was moved from a different place (after the explanation of what happens if a question is passed over), but the rule has not essentially changed

b) Previously (last season only) known as the Tetley's Cup Competition

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