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1982 Rules

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Archive: 1982 Rules


This is the earliest set of rules we currently have. They are reproduced here exactly as issued, with typos etc. uncorrected.

The 1982 Rules

1. The league will commence on Tuesday January 12th 1982.
2. The league will consist of nine teams playing at the following venues:-
Bears Head; Waters Green Tavern; George and Dragon (Sunderland Street), The Millstone and The Three Crowns.  All these venues have home teams.  In addition, 'Rogers Team' will play at the Waters Green, Rogers Rivals will play at the George and Dragon, and the Macclesfield Express will play at the Millstone, and the Y.P.U. will play at the Bears Head.
3. Each team will consist of four players for the actual game however any number of players may be used during the season.  Once a player has played for one team he may not play for another.  No substitutes may be used except in exceptional circumstances, both Captains and the Question Master agreeing.
4. Teams to assemble for 7.30, game to start at 7.45 PROMPT.  Should a team be unable to start at 7.45, ten points will be deducted from the total score at the end of the game.  Should a team be unable to start by 8.00 that team forfiets both points to the opposition and a committee meeting will be held to award points to the individual section.
5. Structure of the game:  The game is started by the toss of a coin, the winner having choice of going first or second.  After the seals have been checked on the question envelope the Question Master will direct individual questions on specialist subjects to each team in turn.  There will be eight specialist subjects.  If the individual answers the question correctly within twenty seconds (time taken from the end of question to start of answer) he will get three points, this score goes towards his team's total and also his individual total for the season.  Should he answer incorrectly the question is passed to the opposing team as a conferred question with a time limit of ten seconds from the Question Master saying "Passed over" to start of answer.  One point will be awarded for a correct answer.  Should he wish to confer the question he can do so anytime within the twenty seconds by saying "Confer", his team will then have ten seconds in which to start their answer.  One point will be awarded for a correct conferred answer, if the answer is incorrect the question goes to the opposition.  In the general knowledge section 120 questions, 60 to each team, twenty seconds allowed.  All questions are conferred from the start and are worth two points if answered correctly.  If the question is answered incorrectly or the answer is not known the question passes to the opposing side who have ten seconds inwhich to answer, one point is awarded.  In any conferred question wether specialist section or general knowledge the Question Master will only accept the first answer unless the Team Captain immediately overrules and gives his answer.  If any confusion arises the Team Captain's answer will be taken as the team's answer.
6. Protests:  In any dispute the Question Masters decision is final.  If any team is not satisfied with this,whilst accepting the decision for the evening, they may protest in writing to the league secretary within seven days, whereon the Committee will decide.
7. Score Keeper:  Will be provided by the home venue.  He will keep score and time under the direction of the Question Master.  Time limits should be strictly adhered to and a five second warning given to the players when they have this amount of time left in which to answer their question.  A stop watch of time piece will be provided by the venue.  Score sheets will be provided by the league.
8. Points:  Two points for a win, one for a draw.  If at the end of the season two or more teams have the same number of points, positions will be decided by the questions answered score.
9. Fees, will be £8.00 per team per season payable before the season starts.  All fees go towards prizes.
10. Prizes.  League Champions Cup, returnable each year and to be kept in the winner's pub at the pub's own risk.  Five individual trophies for the league champions to be kept.  Runners up team prize to be kept and five individual prizes to be kapt.  The presentation will be at The George and Dragon (Sunderland Street).  There is also an individual specialist section trophy and a runner up prize, both to be retained.
11. Setting of questions.  If any team has any queries about the setting of questions, ie. difficulty, type, impartiality, etc, a member of the Committee will be only too happy to help.  Questions have to be handed to The Bears Head in sealed envelopes for each game, ie. four sets, two weeks before they are due to be asked.  Questions are collected from The Bears Head at 7.00pm on the night of the game together with the score sheets.  The score sheets are returned to The Bears Head by the next day.

12. Committee: Chairman:   Howard Marland
    Secretary:   Jane Wedderburn, Waters Green
    Treasurer:   Don Medwell, Bears Head
    Fixture Secretary:   George Kelly, George and Dragon
        Roger Buden

[Personal addresses and telephone numbers redacted]

Committee meetings will be held as and when needed and be publicised at the start of games. All meetings are open.

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